Happy Birthday[!]

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"I might just treat you like a toy..."


In a couple of weeks, Victor's 29th birthday will be coming up along with Christmas, and Yuri has already bought him a Christmas present, but no birthday gift. It's been a year since Victor and Yuri first met at last years skating competition in which Yuri won second place. Their relationship has been as strong as ever and they've come a long way since then.

They are now happily married and have a good life, including inside the bedroom. Nothing seemed to be wrong from the outside, but Yuri knew there was something missing in their relationship. More specifically, in their sex lives.

Don't get him wrong, the sex was great. But that's the problem. It was simply great. Lately, Yuri has been noticing Victor's actions when they would make love. He enjoyed whenever Yuri tugged at his hair and marked his body with either his nails or lips. Maybe it was all up in his head, but Yuri thought Victor might have some secret kinks.

So to confirm his suspicions, Yuri has secretly been experimenting on Victor for the past month. First he started small by pulling his hair harder and marking him more, which was a clear turn on for the older male. Next he started being more aggressive, per say, in bed. He made sure that the change was subtle, but he got to the point in which they would have angry sex which consisted of a heated make-out session, needy gropes, and a hard fuck.

Lastly, Yuri was able to somehow get Victor to go to a sex shop to find out if he is into anything specific. Just a week before Victor's birthday, Yuri came up with the idea to give him an address via text message and tell him to meet him there after an afternoon out with his friend Pitchit. What Victor didn't know was that Yuri was a couple of blocks from their house and he was given the address to a downtown sex shop.

Yuri was now following Victor to the store and parked a couple of buildings behind Victor's vehicle. He watched as the silver-haired man stepped out of his car and stood in front of the small building. It was somewhat hidden from the city but it was in great shape and was kept nicely, almost giving a welcoming aura.

He thought that upon noticing what the building was, Victor would run for the hills, but he was surprised when he saw the slight confusion on Victor's stance before he stepped into the store. Yuri stayed outside for about ten minutes until Victor came out, got in his car, and left. As soon as he made sure that Victor was gone, Yuri rushed inside the store and built up his courage to walk up to the only employee in sight.

"E-excuse me?" Yuri asked with a face red as a tomato. The tall man looked up from his phone and stared at the boy before him, an eyebrow raised.

"Can I help you?" The man asked in a deep, English voice. Hesitantly, Yuri took a shaky breath and pointed behind him at the door he had just walked in through.

"The man that just left--was there anything he asked about or maybe showed any interest in?"

"I'm sorry, but what happens between the customers isn't something we share..."

"Oh," Yuri blushed, seeing there was no option. Although their relationship has been, for the most part, accepted, there were still those who hated them for being gay. Who knew if this man was homophobic himself? "Well, he's my husband and I was just curious since his birthday is coming up and-"

"You could've just started with that!" The man cut him off, smiling warmly at Yuri. He waved his hand side to side and walked around the counter to stand beside Yuri, his dark outfit catching Yuri's attention. He's seen people wear all black before, but this outfit seemed to be some type of new color, darker than any black he's ever seen. "There were some things he was interested in and even asked me a few questions." The man began, motioning Yuri to follow him, breaking him out of his thoughts.

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