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We arrived back at the burrow to find the angry face of Mrs Weasley,
"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" She screamed her face filled with worry and anger.
"I'm pretty sure we weren't..." I said trying to lighten the mood, Calypso smacked my shoulder,
"What..." I shrugged off her glare and looked back at Mrs Weasley who looked like she wanted to throw something.
"Look, Mrs Weasley. We as a royal family are in charge of protecting the people we rule over this includes our family. We couldn't leave our sister to be hurt and as for your children, Mr Potter and Miss Granger are under our protection if there is no one from this half of the wizarding word to do so," Reyna half lied for the hundredth time this hour. Mrs Weasley sighed her face growing less angry,
"Look, I don't know what is deemed safe and unsafe back at your home but that was dangerous. Hazel is only fourteen what if she got hurt? And what if you all got yourselves kidnapped or something? What if you needed our help and we couldn't find you?" She looked worried about us and I felt a cold feeling wash over me at how much her eyes looked like my mother's,
"We don't normally worry about the 'what if's' Mrs Weasley but the 'what wills'. Thank you." Hazel's voice was cold as she grabbed Franks hand,
"For what sweetheart?" The red haired woman asked looking down at one of my best friends.
"For caring, it's been a while since someone has." Nico placed his glowing box thing on the couch and hugged Hazel as she tried to choke back sobs. Marie, Hazel's mum, whatever you want to be called. Look. After. Your. Flesh. And. Blood. She needs you, even if you're gone. Watch over her... for me.
"Well, I can care for as long you need it, sweetie," I smiled at the woman, she reminded me of Sally. I turned towards Harry who was giving sideways glances at the box next to him.                       "What is that?" Mrs Weasley asked her eyes glancing to Mr Weasley before darting to Percy who was awkwardly laughing.
"Well, we kinda don't know but we're looking into it!" He said quickly as Mrs Weasely raised a disapproving eyebrow.  
"Well as long as it won't hurt anyone or brake anything then I guess we'll leave it to you kids but any sign of danger and It'll be out of this house before you can say fire whiskey!" The twelve of us nodded in unison,
"Now off to bed with all of You!"

Sorry for the long wait and the chapter being kinda bad. I'm trying to update this but I have heaps of other things on so it might be a bit irregular, butter beer and a good night!