Loving The Feeling

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I ended up spending the night at Nia's place. She was really worked up last night about that whole Shawn situation. I mean I don't blame her one bit. She literally told me everything and I felt so bad for her. We talked for hours and hours until we finally past out . It was now 10:00 am and I looked over to find Nia still passed out, Poor baby cried herself to sleep and of course I was right there for her because I knew if it was me she'd be right there for me. I checked my phone to find 6 missed calls from ace and 3 text messages from Deandre. I had totally forgot to tell Ace I was staying with Nia. I decided to call him hoping that he wouldn't trip too bad.

''Hello? melody where the hell yo ass at?''ace said yelling through the phone as I rolled my eyes.

''Ace, I forgot to tell you I was staying over Nia's. Some stuff went down and she needed me.''I said

''Melody I was worried about you. How you forget to call me?''He said.

I knew he was mad cause he called me by my first name, Ace was so overprotective over me but I couldn't be mad because I get where he's coming from. I just wish sometimes he would let up.

''Ace I'm good okay? I just got caught up with the time.''

''Yeah alright Mel, so when you coming home?''He asked.

''Uhh I should be there in a minute.''I said looking at Nia still sleeping. I didn't want to wake her so I guess I'll call Deandre.

''Alright see you then.''He said

We hung up and right after I read the text messages Deandre sent me. No lie he was so corny but it was cute. The messages he sent me had me laughing like hell.

Dre: Wyd?
                      9:30 am
Dre: Dang I know you ain't still sleep dreaming about me 😂😊  
                    9:40 am

Dre: Stop playing and text yo baby back .😉
                    9:45 am

I didn't even text him back I decided to call instead. Deandre was something else, I found it real funny how he was bold enough to text my phone like he was my nigga or something.

He answered the phone on the 3rd ring.

''What's up shorty? You got my messages?''He asked me laughing.

''Yeah I did, boy you know you not my baby.''I said laughing.

''Not yet, but where you at?''He asked me.

''Whatever and at Nia's house, come take me home. I don't want to wake her.''I said

''You asking or telling?''He said laughing.

''Telling.''I said with an attitude. ''And plus you owe me lets not forget I gave yo ass a ride.''
I don't know why he was playing he knew he wanted to come see me anyways.

''Chill.''he said laughing you know I was just playing, send me the address and I'll be on my way.''

''Bye.''I said hanging up the phone and sending him the address. I gathered all my stuff up and waited for him. I decided not to wake up Nia because she looked so peacefully sleeping. I figured I'd just shoot her a text.

10 minutes later Deandre texted me he was outside. I got in his car not saying nothing to him, but he  changed that by smiling at me which caused me to as well.

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