Chapter 16

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"Nobody move an inch or I slit her throat." Doyle froze where he stood as he faced Bevin once again as an enemy.

He really hated this kind of hostage situations but most of all, what he hated was someone forcing their will on others like Bevin was so fond of doing. Why couldn't he just choose from the many fae women who wanted so badly to be with him, why did he always like to chase after the ones who wanted nothing to do with him. Doyle looked down at the helpless girl tied to the chair with a knife to a neck just because she looked like her mother. And when he looked into those lifeless light blue eyes, he was determined more than ever to keep her alive not just because she looked like her mother but because something about her called to him.

"Let her go Bevin, she's innocent in all this. From the beginning, it was Adrianne you wanted and though she didn't want you, she is now dead, leave her daughter out of..." Doyle stopped to look up when the lights started to flicker.

"You! You don't have any right to talk, you're the one who helped Adrianne escape with that man and now that I have a chance to be with her daughter, you've come as usual with an ulterior motive to butt in as usual...This time I'm not going to let you win, if I can't have the girl, then no one else can." Bevin's accusations were totally baseless.

"I don't..." Before Doyle could say any more words, the flickering lights all went off leaving the room in utter darkness.

Without thinking, Doyle called light using magic and ran to where Bevin had been standing. By the time, he got there Bevin's body was already transparent as he used the dematerializing teleportation spell to get away.

As if to mock him, the lights came back on just as Bevin's face completely dematerialized. That was when the copper scent of blood filled the air. Doyle's body immediately followed the scent of the blood to Adrianne's daughter.

He immediately knelt beside the chair she was tied to and cut the ropes with a small pocket knife. He examined the dagger that Bevin had buried so close to her heart and the blood pooling there. Meredith's son, Drew who was standing just beside him looked incredibly pale.

"What's wrong with you? We need to place her on her back on the floor carefully so I can remove the dagger." Doyle said.

Drew nodded mutely and helped him lay on her back.

"Talk to her if you can." Doyle said as those lifeless light blue eyes opened and he found himself unable to look away from them.

Drew nodded again and took a deep breath before speaking, "Ciara, Ciara, listen you're going to be okay."

Doyle watched as Ciara started to weakly grasp for Drew's hands. "It's alright...I just wanted to tell you thank you before I die...I'm really..."

Ciara coughed blood out and Doyle had to speak, "Tell her to stop talking...Ciara, listen to me, you have to stop talking, I want to pull the dagger out of your chest and it's gonna hurt...nod if you understand what I'm saying but don't talk again."

When she nodded, Doyle pulled out the dagger from her chest without hesitating and placed his hands on her chest while activating the warmth of fire to his hands. Even though he couldn't heal her, he could at least try to lessen the blood flow.

"You might have to inject the venom into her to heal the wound, the way she's bleeding, I think Bevin might have pierced a major artery and the dagger must have some kind of poison, we have to..." Doyle was saying when Ciara's eyes rolled into her head and she started convulsing.

"The venom negates all poison and I've gotten permission from the council to turn her but..." Drew was saying but Ciara's convulsions started to become intense and when Doyle placed a finger into her mouth, the blood was black.

"Do it." Doyle ordered.

Drew didn't hesitate this time as he buried his fangs into Ciara's throat and started to inject the venom into her bloodstream through her jugular. Within one minute, Ciara's convulsions stopped.

However, four minutes later, Ciara's eyes opened wide but they were a completely different color than the light blue that had stared into his eyes. Her new eye color was an unmistakable two-colored blue and ruby eyes. Doyle didn't even know when he gasped because he realized something, Ciara was not fully human and Adrianne must have hidden that fact with a very powerful concealment spell.

"Drew you have to stop..." Doyle said in an alarmed tone that caught the attention of Drew who was already in the process of siring a new child. He knew better than to pull Drew away from Ciara because not only could the fangs buried in her throat tear her throat and cause her end, Drew himself could turn feral on him.

Then Ciara started to gasp for breath to the extent that she started to claw at Drew 's head with her hands.

"Drew, stop, stop, something is wrong." Doyle yelled.

This time he got to Drew and Drew withdrew his fangs and licked the two pinpoints holes of his fangs such that they healed as if they were weeks old.

"Wasss wong?" Drew spoke in a drawl because his fangs were out.

"Ciara is half fae so the venom is fighting against her blood. We need to go, I need Meredith's help. This is much more complicated than we thought." Doyle said even as he said the spell for teleportation right into Meredith's throne room, the only place Meredith had given him permission to teleport into.

As soon as the teleportation spell ended, they found themselves in the same position in front of Meredith's throne. Unfortunately, Meredith wasn't even seated on her throne. Doyle watched as Drew immediately commanded one of the coven members manning the throne room to get his mother before turning to Doyle.

"Let's take her to her room." Drew instructed but Doyle stopped him with a gesture of his hand still watching as Ciara clawed at her throat, thankfully, with her short finger nails. He didn't want to move her till he understood what was wrong with her.

Almost immediately, Ciara stopped moving with her eyes wide open. Now, Doyle was seriously concerned, what was wrong now? She was no longer moving.

"We have to move her immediately and you have to remove the concealment spell immediately Doyle so her hidden fae blood can merge with the venom." Meredith said from behind him.

Since Doyle had never seen her room, he could not teleport her there and he didn't even have a teleportation orb to send them there so he had to stand aside as Drew carried her in his arms bridal style. He tried to ignore the pang of annoyance he felt at the sight and the undeniable feeling of jealousy he was feeling over a girl he just met. What was happening? He had never felt like this about Adrianne, he'd always seen her more as a sibling.

When they got to her room with Doyle following unconsciously, he shook himself out of his stupor and removed his cloak. He immediately climbed unto the bed in order to search for where Adrianne had hidden the concealment spell. He knew she would have hidden it in a very private place like on Ciara's chest or on her upper thighs so she was going to have to be naked for him to see it.

As he tried to lift her blouse, his hand was stopped as Drew held his hands, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

He pushed Drew's hands away and made to pull her blouse off but this time, Drew held his hands and flung him across the room. He just barely managed to land on his feet with a backflip in the air.


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