"Oh god, ew! Stop! That's not what I mean!" Benjamin made a disgusted face. "I mean it isn't appropriate as in school stereotypically appropriate!"

"What's that?"

"You know, since you're now an official tourney player, you have to have a cheerleader as your girlfriend. That's the way it works here in Auradon Prep."

"Uh, no. I don't think so. My gaydar goes up like everyday, I don't want to have a girlfriend. I want a boyfriend. And the boyfriend I want starts with a C and ends with an Arlos."

Benjamin looked around, dumbfounded.

"Carlos! I'm talking about Carlos!"


"God, you're an idiot! See, I can't even be next to you, get away from me! We need to go to lunch before we both get as dumb as you." Jay grabbed Carlos by the hand and pulled them to Jay's locker, Carlos marching behind him.

Jay opened the locker door and allowed Carlos to put his books inside so they could get to lunch, "Do you think those stereotypes are actually true?" Carlos asked.

"Depends. If you want to fit in, sure. But on the other hand -- my hand -- I'd rather have you as my boyfriend than some dumb, blond bobblehead cheerleader as a girlfriend."

On the wrong timing, a blonde girl with her cheerleader uniform passed by, looking offended.

Jay stared at her until she turned the corner, "Sorry! But it's true!" He hissed and turned around to face his boyfriend, smiling.


Jay shrugged and closed his locker, "Let's go, I'm starving." Jay spun on his heels and grabbed Carlos by the hand, intertwining them together and walking off to the lunchroom.

"You know what I'm starting to realize right now?"


"We haven't done any revenge plans on Benjamin lately," Jay stated, mostly disappointed that he hasn't been able to keep up with his own plan. "And we're already 14 days in." He winked at Carlos.

"Well, we've with our own problems." Carlos shrugged and stepped inside the lunchroom, commotion filling their ears.

"Yeah, but I'm the one who came up with the plan. I need to live up to it, don't I?" They walked up to the lunch line.

"Not all the time." Carlos shook his head and grabbed his wallet.

"He broke your heart. I'm gonna break his face." Jay stated, glaring at nothing.

"You already did. And look where you're at. On the tourney team, not wanting to be on the tourney team. For beating up Benjamin." Carlos stated, grabbing a three slices of pizza and going to the lunch lady to pay.

Jay grabbed the same thing and payed, going off to the table where Mal and Evie were already seated at, "Ladies," He nodded at them and sat down.

"Jay." They said back.

He dove into his pizza while Evie talked with Carlos about school and nerd stuff.

"So," Mal started, "I heard you're in the tourney team now?"

Jay nodded and swallowed, "Yep, as a form of punishment for beating up Benjamin."

Mal's eyes widened, "You beat up Ben?!"

Jay nodded again.

"Yes. Both stupidly and idiotically." Carlos chirped.

"You love me." Jay said, rolling his eyes.

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