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Teen fiction


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☯️ E X C E R P T ☯️

A train accident ruined both Lolana's and Grayson's life. The one person most important to them were taken away.

And Gray blames Lolana for it.

Back from jail and stronger than ever, Gray promises to destroy Lolana piece by piece until everything is taken away from her.

Lolana's never wanted to run away more than ever.

But with old feelings resurfacing and confusing moments, neither of them can find it in their hearts to do what they promised to do; that doesn't stop the trouble and heartbreak that follows.

Lolana's a blackout and its Grays job to put color back into her.

But it's Lolana's job to find the Gray she lost two years ago.

But it's Lolana's job to find the Gray she lost two years ago

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