[2] Highschool Is Not A Musical

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Chapter Two

•»•«•ISABELLA SWAN stood at the bottom of the stairs, patiently waiting for Amelia, who was still getting reading

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ISABELLA SWAN stood at the bottom of the stairs, patiently waiting for Amelia, who was still getting reading.

"How do I look, Bells?" Amelia asked as she came down the stairs towards Bella. She had a nice dress on paired with light converse and of course a matching flower crown.

"Is that your pink crown?" Bella asked.

"Of course! Are you going blind, sister?" Amelia asked in concern.

"No, but you only wear that for special occasions." Bella explained, grabbing her sisters wrist and tugging her towards the front door.

"This is a special occasion! We are starting at a new school! How can you not be excited?" Amelia asked incredulously as she got into Bella's new beaten up truck.

Bella shrugged as she started her truck, "I don't like being the center of attention."

Amelia let out a giggle as she crossed her legs on the seat like a kindergartner, "Don't worry Bells, I think I'll probably be the center of attention at first, but then they'll move on."

Bella knew that her sister wasn't saying she was better, but that she was very odd and often drew attention to herself.

They pulled into the school parking lot with a sputter of the cars engine. They both got out.

"Nice car." A boy said, clearly joking.

"Thanks." Bella said, feeling awkward already.

"Bells! Come on." Amelia called before skipping away to the office, drawing many eyes to her. She waved at some as she passed them, clearly unfazed.

Amelia's first few classes went by quickly. She easily made friends with one girl who went by Angela and was offered a seat at lunch.

Sadly the only class that Amelia shared with Bella was Biology and Lunch, and they didn't have Biology until last.

Luckily lunch was next which meant she could sit with her sister and Angela.


Jessica tried about ten times to talk to Amelia. But the girl seemed to have her head in her clouds the whole time, thinking about who knows what.

She only stopped trying when Bella sat down and Tyler kissed her cheek and pulled Mike chair out from under him.

The commotion was what broke Amelia from her catatonic like state. She smiled upon seeing her sisters flustered look.

"Oh my god. It's like first grade all over again." She says, a fake tone to her voice, "You two are the shiny new toys."

She looked towards Amelia for a response but the girl had already gone back to looking into the distance, caught up in her own mind.

"Is she okay?" Jessica asked, though she didn't seem to actually care.

"Uh, yeah. She always does this." Bella explains before a flash goes off in her eyes.


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