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Dear Love,

   You're suppose to be an emotion that people can't live with out. A thing that is supposed to keep us warm at night.

     Like when you stand outside in the summer sun and the sun's rays shines on your skin and you feel warmth and light and you know deep down inside everything will be alright.

     And people say you can't live without loving and you can't love with out living. And when you see the so called spark in their eyes and their huge smile; a smile so big that their eyes start to squint and you see the slight dimple on their cheek.

     Or when they sing in the shower instead of thinking about how their day will be, and how they can't wait to get home even though they are still home.

     People say that person is heads over heels in love. And the only thing they can see and smell are roses and cute puppies.

    You're such a great, amazing beautiful, magnificent, earth shaking emotion.

     But I don't get it. How can you be everything and more but yet you stand down when millions cry out to you. When thousands of hearts ache to taste, smell, hear, see, and touch you.

   You give it to them. You give them the spark in their eyes, the huge smile, the warmth.

  I mean you let them believe you are good. But out of the blue like a thief in the night you take it. The warmth, the smile, the sparkly eyes.

  Just like the sun takes away its warmth from the earth in winter.

And the millions that got to know you don't seem the same after.

Like when the sun abandons the precious plants in the winter. I mean the plants slowly and surely die off, sometimes never coming back.

The sparkly eyes turn dull, the huge smile goes ghost, the warmth turns cold, and the fresh smell of roses turns sour.

But I still don't get it.

You have a day that's all about you. A day that you are worshipped and praised like you are some god.

Every February 14th your brainwashed slaves celebrate you.

Yet I am still confused. People say that "love conquers all" but if you conquer all, why are you some people's down fall.

Like you sit on your high throne and watch as your brainwashed followers mindlessly follow your rule.

And I still don't get it, I'm utterly and deeply confused on why you are supposed to be worshipped and praised if all you do is leave people with dull eyes, no smiles, feeling cold, and with sleepless nights.

Are you supposed to be a good thing?

So Love, I write you this letter because I'm confused about you. I don't get what you do, and I don't know why you do it.

It's like a cycle to you.

The Confused Teenager

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