An Empty Bed (Prologue)

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The woman stared at the tiny bed.

An empty bed.

It once belonged to her son, Joey. 

The teddy bear laid in the pile of sheets.


'Alone' wasn't exactly what she felt at the moment. Her heart ached. A pain that pulsated in the center of her chest.


Her whole world now gone.

Funny...just a few short days ago, life was normal.



Death surrounded her.

All she wanted was to join them. But...she made Joe a promise.

Her blue eyes drifted over the child's bed.

Somewhere, deep in her mind, she could still hear his sweet giggles.

Tears trickled down her face.

A promise she wondered if she'd be able to keep.

"Oh, Joe," She mumbled, "why did you ask me that?"

She wanted to be angry with him.

How could one be angry with the dead?

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