Chapter Ten: Slice of Life

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Melia had been trying to help Drake with the pregnancy. According to the scanner, he was mostly healthy, apart from a few old injuries. But the injuries cold be solved with a pot of oil from the dockyard or getting Drake to use moisturizing body wash. He had no serious issues, just a few minor cosmetic flaws that no breeder would have looked twice at. A Zabrak with a well oiled hide (she'd heard the ones on Dathomir soaked in mud pits) was generally happy and healthy.

The honey gold male took his vitamins without complaint. Fives had said that he'd lost a baby before this and losing another scared him. Drake had had three babies before he'd had this one. All he'd been to the breeder was just a pretty bitch. Not a person. Not the shy, funny man she'd gotten to know. Fives and Drake had blossomed. The ex child soldier and the former breeding slave were turning into real, live boys right before her very eyes.

And she loved it. She loved holding Fives at night and watching him smile. The life was returning to his hazel eyes. Drake was learning how to live a normal life. He could use the microwave now. Fold laundry. Cook a simple meal. All things that normal people could do, but a breeding slave locked in a cell couldn't. He wouldn't talk about what had happened before, but she could tell it had hurt them. He had nightmares. Fives had nightmares, too.

Fives also wound up in her bed more often than not. If she ever found a bastard named Fox, she was going to kill him. He had tried to execute Fives. And, for that, he needed to die.

Melia liked to read in bed. She had a reading light and she often propped herself upon spare pillows and blankets. It was her little way of calming herself down so she could go to bed after a few hours. Whatever worked, right? She had her own little warm nest and it was wonderful. She had a cat and she had her e-reader. What else did she need? Other than the odd mug of hot chocolate, that was. The clone and the Nightbrother who shared her bed most nights loved drinking hot coco.

Drake had cravings of the stuff, but only when it was laced with caramel syrup. This was followed by the times he'd walked by, munching on radishes, cheese, or oranges. The little Zabrak was pregnant, though. He could eat whatever he wanted.

Fives rolled over and buried his face in the pillows. "Why are you still up?"

"Reading about Drake's condition." Which was the truth. Despite this being a common thing, what with the amount of slaves being impregnated by their Masters, there wasn't that much out there about Nightbrother pregnancies. Other than watching him and keeping him warm... That and the fact that this wasn't his first baby made this easier than it would have been otherwise. Something about the birthing passage being wide and loosened rather than tight and closed up. A well used hole, Fives had joked. Drake had thrown a pillow at him.

Dathomir was a weird planet. The slavers should have left it alone.

Unlike the Twi'leks and the Pantorans, the Zabraks didn't have the technology to beat the slavers off. The Twi'leks were deadly snipers and Pantoran sword Masters could destroy a division of troopers quickly. Zeltrons could sense the slavers and wouldn't let one get a mile around them. Zabraks? Just stubborn and exotic. It was a bad combination. Nightbrothers were famous the galaxy over for the color of their hides and their strength in battle. And there were plenty of those who liked to say that they had bedded a Nightbrother.

"That's good and all," Fives yawned, "but I wanna sleep."

"Drake's out."

"Drake's pregnant," Fives grinned. "He sleeps like rock! He doesn't count and you know it."

"True," Melia smiled. She settled down beside him and closed her eyes. Fives was warm beside her, his body taunt with muscles. Drake was a living radiator. He, too, was curled up beside her. The Zabrak was heavy, his body swollen with child. Drake was getting closer to his due date every day and it showed.

The clone closed his eyes. "Can you ashcan the bed time reading?"

"I like to read," Melia replied. "I know he's had other babies. but he's got to have help. I want him to be safe and I don't know how to deliver a baby." And she had only seen him once naked. Touching him during the birthing process was going to be as awkward as hell.

"He'll be fine," Fives yawned. He said no more and pulled the pillow over his head. Melia sighed and snuggled closer. Even needling Fives had lost its fun. He was wrapped around her, his eyes closed. Just the way he liked it. Sweet and gentle. Just the way Fives liked it. Sweet and gentle, nothing rough.

Melia held them both that night. The shy, somewhat grumpy clone and the Zabrak who made her kick off the blankets. The Zabrak who was with the child.

The child who would have died had Fives not saved it.

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