"You never know what you have until its gone."

Amber Olivia Grey.
The loner. The nobody.
The girl who was beyond broken.


After the war is over and Zack doesn't come home, his wife Savannah is left in depressed state but then, her little bundle of joy comes into the world which she names Amber.

Amber grows up without a dad then her mom dies so its just her and Bryson. She gets bullied in school and hangs out with the wrong group.

What will happen when she figures out her whole life was a lie?

When her best friend that she thought had no interest in her what so ever tells her his feelings then leaves what will she do to fix their relationship? Only time will tell in Beyond Broken.


Heyo! Yay I actually wrote the second book! Lmao the first chapter should be up in a few days. Yo thanks for coming back and reading the second one. Means a lot man. So there's gonna be some spelling mistakes - we're all humans it happens - and if there is, please don't correct it in the comments. I'll be editing this when it gets near the end. You can pm me if there is a major mistake but not for spelling mistakes.

In this book I will try to put some type of meme or funny picture at the beginning of each chapter just for fun. Some might be coherent to the chapter, and others may not.

Okay so you know the rules - well you should - don't steal anything of mine no covers no ideas no characters its all mine. Everything from the scenes to the places to the names all are mine. If I see anything with my book idea and all that without you asking, I'll report you. I don't play about my books. All rights are reserved to me, LanaB13 here on wattpad. Thank you very much now I hope you will enjoy this book.

Oh yeah you know that amazingly beautiful cover for this book? Well that was made by t_nisha and I'm in love with it and the other ones. That's why I'm dedicating the first chapter to her when it comes out. Well, the first actual chapter that's in Ambers POV. Check her out because like her covers, she is also amazing! Okay now I hope you enjoy this book.

Stay Awesome! ✌

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