1) Coal Hill Disaster

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Andra'ath starts yelling from the minute he picks up the phone. The Doctor isn't surprised; the Quill was always fierce. But what she was yelling about gave him chills.

"I told you they were just children!" She was practically spitting out the words. Not quite as settled as the Doctor had hoped. "They are children and now half of them are orphaned. Charles won't stop crying." Andra'ath pauses to take a shaky breath. "April MacLean is dead. And it's your fault."

The Doctor was already bringing the TARDIS to life. Andra'ath had stopped yelling now. He can hear voices in the background; Charlie's soft one apologising over and over in his native language, Tanya crying and Ram yelling out an alarming amount of swear words that seemed to be directed at the once Prince of Rhodia.

"I'm on my way." It's was promise. The TARDIS hummed as she came to life.

"Remember Doctor," she warned. Andra'ath's voice was sharper this time, all of the past vulnerability gone. "Remember that you promised that you'd help us with our problems. Well now is the time to keep that promise. Goddess knows we've got enough."


Coal Hill was empty, even though it should be the middle of a school day. This didn't help the Doctor's worry - or his guilt. Andra'ath was right, they were only children. And now at least one of them had died.

They were all gathered in the hall. The Doctor had only caught a fleeting glance of the group before and despite the rough night they'd been having then, it was obvious that the events of today had crushed them completely. Andra'ath was holding on to her swollen stomach - the Doctor should really question her on that later. Tanya was sitting next to her teacher, no longer crying but looking like she was about to fall apart any moment. Ram was sat near a body - April's body - head in hands. He looked completely defeated. Charlie was missing (which didn't seem like a good sign) but Matteusz - his boyfriend, according to Quill's (passive aggressive) updates - was frantically typing on a phone. He was probably trying to contact Charlie. Something about his concerned expression gave him away.

Andra'ath tried to stand up as she turned her tear rimmed glare on the Doctor. Tanya helped her, supporting her teacher onto her feet. But pregnant or not, Andra'ath was clearly a force to be a force to be reckoned with. (Most Quill were.)

"You!" Andra'ath raised her hand and slapped him. The sharp smack echoed though the hall and brought the attention of the two boys. "I told you. Children! They are children, and they are scarred because you couldn't be bothered to stick around and deal with the Shadow Kin yourself!"

She didn't give him a chance to recover before continuing her rant. Andra'ath seemed furious. "And we had to deal with it. These children have lost their families. A girl has died. Charles had to use the Cabinet. Who's to say he isn't on the roof right now about to make it two deaths?"

Matteusz stood up. "Do not say that about him. I already have worries." He looked at his phone and went back to typing, more desperate to hear from his boyfriend then before.

"Charlie used the Cabinet?" The Doctor had hoped it wouldn't come to using the weapon.

"He had no choice. And while I'm glad our enemy is dead, I do not want to be alone on this world because he cannot deal with the grief."

"Please. No more."

"April-" Ram let out a choked sob as he reached out towards the girl's body. "Can you help her?"

The Doctor stepped towards him, Andra'ath's harsh words still ringing in his brain. They hurt more than the slap, although it had no doubt left a mark.

He scanned April's unconscious form with his screwdriver. She had a heartbeat, faint, but a heartbeat all the same. Not dead, only knocked out.

All the Shadow Kin blood had mixed with her own as they shared a beating heart. And now the king was dead, the shadow was gone, weakening April. With most people, death would be inevitable but April was strong. She was fighting it and if she was fighting there was a chance she could be saved.

And, despite what Andra'ath claimed, the Doctor always aimed to save people where possible.

This is ever so slightly AU as April doesn't wake up in the Shadow Kings body but in her own.

This stories aim is to focus on Rhodia and Charlie but April gets to live and therefore less suffering for Ram. 

EDIT: This is old and kinda cringe but I'm posting it anyway! 

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