Chapter 1 || Hush Hush

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"You stupid thing." I mumbled banging on the old keyboard that was connected to the even older computer. A sigh left my lips when I heard what sounded like a chain saw from outside. With furrowed brows I hopped out of the office chair and made my way over to the doorway. "You've gotta be kidding me." I laughed causing the three men to look over in my direction. Jax, Chibs, and our new prospect Half Stack stood around a car with a deer literally in the windshield. Jax handed Half Stack the chain saw before slinging an arm around my shoulder. "Just another day on the job Steff." He chuckled watching while the prospect tried to hold back his lunch as he cut up the deer. "Well now it's your problem because I'm leaving." I said wiggling out from under his arm. "Mom wants me to check on your crazy ex wife." Jax shook his head, "Thank you!" He shouted as I walked back towards the office.

"Yeah yeah." I smirked passing by a staring Chibs. "See ya later Chibby."


The soft rumbling of my engine stopped as I pulled up to Jax's house. Hopping out of the car I pulled the key I had to Jax's place out and opened up the door. The smell of cigarette smoke hit me in the face as soon as I cracked open the door. "Hello?" I called out, stepping into the house. Inside was dark and a complete pig sty. "Wendy? You home?" Turning the corner to the kitchen my heart dropped. Wendy was laid out on the floor with a needle in her hand and blood coming from in between her legs. "Jesus Christ Wendy." I cried out before reaching for my phone and dialing 911.

Within 20 minutes the ambulance was here, placing her on a gurney. "Okay I'll see you there." I said to Gemma before hanging up. "Are you related to her?" One of the paramedics asked me as they slid her inside. "My brother's ex wife. That's his baby." With a quick nod he waved for me to get inside the ambulance. "Thank you."


Once we arrived they rushed Wendy off to surgery and I was placed in the waiting room. It didn't take long for me to hear the familiar sound of heavy boots stomping down the hall. Sure enough my parents, Jax, Bobby, and Chibs were heading my way. "They brought her in about ten minutes ago." I said standing up, following them towards the room they had Wendy in. Just as Jax reached for the door a familiar face opened it. Tara Knowles. "When was the last time you saw her?" She asked staring up at her ex boyfriend. It felt like déjà vu seeing them talk to each other. It had been 10 years since she left town. She broke Jax's heart that day, and that was not okay with me. However under the circumstances I had to let it slide..for now. I was brought back to reality when Tara mentioned Abel.

"We had to be an emergency C section, he's 10 weeks premature." Tara said sadly. "He has a heart defect and a tear in his abdomen." I placed my hand on Jax's shoulder for comfort due to all that was being thrown at him. Tara glanced between Gemma, Jax, and I before continuing, "The doctor is going to try and fix his belly first, if he stabilizes he'll go on to fix the heart. I'm sorry Jax. I can take you to see him now." She said starting towards the door when Jax called out her name. My mom and I watched intently as the two talked before Jax turned around with a fire in his eyes. "Jax!" Tara shouted as he stormed past us. "I got him." I sighed hot on his trails. "Watch them." Clay said to Bobby and Chibs just before we got onto the elevator.


When I saw what part of town we were in I knew exactly why we were here. "Stay here." Jax instructed, handing me his helmet. "Uh no. I'm coming in." In no mood to fight, with me, Jax proceeded into the bar. The guys and I followed behind but Jax already had the man on the floor. "You sold crank to my pregnant ex wife?!" He barked stabbing the already bloodied man in the balls with a broken pool stick. Continuing his assault I turned back to Chibs with pleading eyes. "Alright Jackie boy!" Chibs said pulling Jax away from the man and leading him to the door. As soon as we got outside Jax hopped on his bike, "I'm going to find Ope." He said before taking off. Sighing I looked to Chibs who shifted further up on his bike seat, "Come on love." A smile appeared on my face while I straddled his bike. "Thank you for that." I mumbled into his ear as I wrapped my arms around his stomach.


The crowd cheered and hollered as Tig and Happy traded punches inside the boxing ring. "Bobby break that shit up." Clay ordered before him and Jax went to the parking lot. Bobby got into the ring and in between the two men. I couldn't help but laugh when they hugged afterward. I glanced down at my phone to check the time. "Shit." Standing up I felt a pair of eyes on me, "Got somewhere ta be?" Chibs asked from his spot on the ring apron. "Wouldn't you like to know." I teased looking down at the Scotsman. "I'm meeting Gemma at St. Thomas. And I'm late." He nodded scanning his eyes over my body as I waved goodbye.

"Jax I'll see you at the hospital later!" I shouted while walking past him and Clay before getting into my car.


Arriving at the St. Thomas I looked for the room number the receptionist told me when I saw Tara and Jax holding each other in the middle of the empty hall. Tara glanced up with wide eyes, almost immediately pulling away. Jax turned around, sighing when he saw me. "I'm gonna go get cleaned up." He said softly, stopping briefly once he reached me. "Be nice." Tara nervously cleared her throat causing my stare to shift to her. "The uh...the surgery went well. Abel's gonna be okay." She informed, making my defensive nature crumble. "I can take you to see him if you want." I nodded swiftly before she motioned for me to follow her. After a few turns and long hallways we stopped outside of a room. "Your mom is already in there. I'll leave you guys to it." She said, turning on her heel. "Tara." Turning back around she faced me with a confused look on her face. "Thank you." Both of us shared a smile before heading our separate ways.

Jax and Gemma looked over their shoulder upon hearing me enter the room, "Meet your nephew." Gemma said beaming at me. The two of them stepped aside revealing the tiny baby inside the incubator. "Oh my god, Jax." I whispered getting closer to get a better look. "He's perfect." I couldn't help the tears that welled up in my eyes but once I took my eyes off Abel I realized I wasn't the only one. "I'm so happy for you." I sniffled, pulling Jax into a hug.


The smile that formed on my face after seeing Abel could not be taken off. Due to the early shift I had at TM in the morning I decided to stay in a dorm at the clubhouse. Only, not my dorm. It took a couple knocks before the door swung open. "Ya sellin' cookies or somethin'?" Chibs answered, a smirk playing at his lips. "Shut up." I giggled pushing past him into his dorm. I threw myself onto the bed, closing my eyes while Chibs closed the door. The bed dipped slightly and kisses were suddenly being peppered along my neck. "Havin' ta act like you're not mine is gettin' hard." Chibs said in between kisses. "Do you wanna tell Jax and Clay we're together that's fine." Stopping his decent further down my body, he shot me a look.

"I thought so."

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