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Mark's P.O.V

Mark was practically bouncing in his seat, his whole body thrumming with energy as unfamiliar landscapes flew past his window; his fingers tugging at the loose threads of his jacket sleeve like he couldn't bear to keep himself still. Felix was in the driver's seat, a small grin stuck on his face even though his eyes stayed firmly on the road in front of him, occasionally flickering up to the rear-view mirror to assess Mark's expression of barely concealed excitement.

Suddenly Mark felt a light slap at his hand, making his movements stop. "Mark, stop it! You're driving me mad with your stupid fidgeting." Carrie huffed, folding her arms and giving him a half-hearted glare before leaning back in her seat and looking forwards once more, head held high.

Mark raised an eyebrow at her defiantly, a smirk tugging at his lips despite himself. "Or what?"

She rolled her eyes playfully, a little grin edging its way onto her face. "Just you wait until we get your boyfriend. I've got enough embarrassing stories from our childhood to fill a book and I'm gonna tell him them all."

Mark felt the blood rush to his cheeks as he looked down at his lap, not wanting to meet her gaze as he spoke. "He- He's not my boyfriend."

It was Carrie's turn to raise an eyebrow, a look of disbelief on her face. "Are you seriously gonna try feed me that bullshit? Cause I've got a picture of you two cuddling on his bed to prove it."

Mark shot her a glare. "That doesn't prove anything!"

She looked at him, a smug smirk taking over her features as she messed around lazily with her long hair. "That, and I may or may not have over-heard your heart warming exchange over the phone earlier."

Mark let out a groan, a hand going over his face to hide his embarrassment. "Oh God please tell me you didn't."

Carrie let out a light laugh, obviously enjoying torturing her big brother. "Oh yes I did." She made her voice deeper in a crude imitation of Mark's voice, throwing a hand up to her forehead and pretending to swoon as she spoke. "'I'm falling in love with you too, Jack.'"

At this Felix perked up in the front seat, having obviously been listening the entire time, a mischievous grin lighting up his features. "Did he really say that?"

The dark haired girl laughed as the blush rose up from Mark's neck to paint his entire face a rosy red. "He sure did. I swear I nearly puked, it was disgustingly cute."

Mark huffed, silently cursing the two in the car as they chuckled quietly to themselves. Of course he wasn't upset that Felix and Carrie got along. His problem was that they got along too well. He couldn't deal with this level of teasing.

"Hey, we're nearly in town. What was the address again?" Felix asked, directing his question towards Mark who quickly pulled out his phone and read out the address, excitement bubbling in his stomach once again as his sleeve fell victim to his none stop fiddling. This time Carrie didn't even bother stopping him.

Mark stared out the window, straining to catch a glimpse of green hair for the first time in a good month and a half. His foot started to jump up and down despite his best efforts, urging the car to go faster. They were so close goddammit.

"Check it out; he's brought the whole family to come meet you and everything." Carrie said, her head bent at an awkward angle as she looked out the window on the opposite side of the car.

Mark glanced at her with confusion before looking for himself. She was right. Jack was standing outside what could've been a motel or a B&B of some description, a soft wind rippling through his hair and whipping through his clothes.

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