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To Save an Alpha

Part 1

I sat staring at the brick wall of the lecture hall, as I rested my head on my left arm. It was the last day before Thanksgiving break and the Animal Behavior class; it was an elective class, had a substitute teacher as Mrs. Dougal had to stay at home to take care of her daughter who was home in bed with the flu. I know what many are thinking "why is a werewolf taking an animal behavior class?" to keep up appearances of course. While the human world is aware that werewolves exist, it's not like we tell everyone "I'm a werewolf, fear me." It's safer for everyone if they don't know they're sitting next to a person that can shift into an animal at will.

The lecture halls were part of the auditorium, in the far back on either side of the main doors. They had sliding walls to close them off from the rest of the auditorium. Each lecture hall, for there were two, had one door up in the back that led to the second floor hallway. The reason why the class was in the hall instead of a classroom was because at night the power to most of the school was turned off. Classes during the night first started out as an alternative for werewolves because we couldn't participate in gym without the chance we might show off, or "wolf-out" in front of the humans as it took a few years after the first shift to be able to control our emotions, and even then it is sometimes difficult. There was also the fact that many parents of the human students complained that the werewolf kids, for they knew we attended the high school, would have an advantage when it came to playing the different sports.

Stupid humans, it's not like every one of us is genetically programmed to excel in sports. I suck at sports. I mean what exactly is the point of running from one end of the field to the other over and over again, or running around in circles around a diamond? And does football really have to be so complicated?

In the place of gym, with no thanks to the parents, we had to choose between foreign languages, joining choir and band, or taking a night class. Then werewolf parents complained it could be a way to single out the non-human students from the human students, and not all of us are known to the public. In the end it was decided it would be an elective class where you had to sign up to be in it, which is how this class ended up having werewolves and humans, one of which happened to be my very-human-best-friend Stacie. She has no idea I'm a werewolf or that my father, whom she has never met, is the one that was seen of TV for an interview a couple of years ago.

Today's topic of discussion just so happened to be on wolves, and how they behave in the wild.

"In the wild, wolves have two alphas - the Alpha male and the Alpha female. Now for some extra credit would anyone like to guess why there is an Alpha female?"

"The Alpha female is the biggest female in the pack and is a perfect match for the male. The male wolf doesn't want the scrawny female to be his mate because she wouldn't be able to care for his babies." I could hear what it was she was implying. It's no secret that my wolf form is smaller than what is normal for a werewolf; I was still bigger than a wild wolf, but only slightly.

"Actually Erica, you're wrong." The sub said. "A female doesn't have to be big to be strong. A fat wolf is slow whereas a lean and fit wolf is fast. The female that is the strongest of the females ends up being the perfect mate not because she is big, but because she is one tough cookie. Why would the male alpha want a female that is strong or a tough cookie?" Erica raised her hand again, probably wanting to heal some hurt pride. But I was glad when the substitute said she wanted someone else to answer. "Natalie, why don't you answer this one?"

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