Part 1 Hinata's big surprise

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3rd POV

In the streets near Karasuno, there was a tall man walking towards the Karasuno high school to surprise someone meanwhile in the gym Hinata was doing volleyball practice like always but he didn't know that someone will come there to pick him up.

Then suddenly the door of the gym opens and appears a tall man shorter than Tsukishima tanned skin, dark brown hair with a red highlight and beautiful golden eyes "Hello otouto missed me?" he said looking at Hinata, Hinata smiled brightly at the stranger and tackled him into a hug

"Anikiii! I missed you so much! Why didn't you tell me that you were coming back home! I was really worried that someone hurt you!" he yelled in a worried tone

"Then that should have ruined my surprise to you besides I'm strong I might not look like it but the only ones who can hurt me are my friends. By the way sorry for not introducing myself I'm Hinata Ookurikara Yuki I know its a long name but call me Yuki nice to finally meet you all in person" Yuki said while comforting his Lil brother

"Umm what is your relationship with Hinata?" asked Sugawara

"I'm his Half-older brother I'm a special soldier of the military army we only have one or two weapons with us" he smiled at Suga and everyone noticed and blushed at Yuki's smile 'he's so handsome Hinata is so lucky to have a brother like him' 

"And you guys are?" asked Yuki

"I'm Sawamura Daichi third-year wing spiker and also the captain of the team nice to meet you too"

"S-Sugawara Koushi third-year setter and vice-captain nice to meet you too"  'uwaa so handsome I stuttered in front of him so embarrassing!'

"Azumane Asahi third ace nice to meet you too"

"Ennoshita Chikara a second-year wing spiker"

"Kinoshita Hisashi second-year wing spiker"

"Narita Kazuhito second-year middle blocker sir"

"Tanaka Ryunosuke second-year wing spiker nice to meet ya, sir!"

"Nishinoya Yuu sir! second year and a libero sir!"

"Kageyama Tobio a first-year setter"

"Tsukishima Kei... first-year middle blocker"

"Y-Yamaguchi T-Tadashi f-first y-year m-middle b-blocker"

"No need of formalities you two must be the managers right?" he asked looking at the girls

"Ah, Hai, I'm Shimizu Kiyoko nice to meet you"

"I-I'm Y-Yachi H-Hitoka f-from t-the f-first year n-nice to meet y-you too s-sir!" 'uwaaa he is going to kill me!' gets a pat on her head

"Don't worry I won't do anything bad to you but there is a reason why I came here" he said looking for the coach "Where is your coach?"

"Oh, that should be me I talked with someone called Hasebe was it?"

"Yes he sent different guys to go and inform six schools I was sent here with two of my comrades like I care where are they"

"Oi! Kara-chan that's mean you know!"

"That's right! that's right! you left us behind looking for the school Kara-boya!"

"Ugh" tries to run away

"Ugh" tries to run away

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