Another Run In Part 35

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14th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

We had been here for a few days just exploring old haunts with Jen and Barb who came up from Boise to spend some time with us.

Barb had grown somewhat subdued over time since seeing her again. I would imagine that it had something to do with the man she works with. Carl Duggan. Or was it Duggan Carl or something like it.

Whatever it was, I'm sure that she will talk to us when she's ready to share what it is that has been bothering her about him. Or them.

Anyway.. Us girls along with Bella were making a trip into town to have a cuppa at one of the newer cafe's that had opened up in the last year. It is called 'The Old Mill' and from what both Jen and Barb had been saying, the food was lovely. As was the service.

The biggest plus was that it was wheelchair friendly.

That was a real good bonus for me and Bella. Although I was slowly walking with a stick now, Bella was getting about with both a walker and a wheelchair when necessary. So finding an appropriate place to dine was not as easy as everyone thinks.

Jen got us a seat that was close to a window with a garden view as well as close to the bathroom for when she needs it as often as she does. Looking around the place now that we were seated. I could see that it was as lovely as Jen and Barb made it out to be.

We we quietly talking about some of the changes that I have seen around town when I was out and about with Reid. Bella was sitting there all quiet while she watched how we all interacted with each other.

" They call them social skills." I heard Barb lean over to say quietly to Bella who was listening to us all avidly.

" Huh?" Bella said with a confused look on her face.

" Girls develop these kinds of social skills as they grow up interacting with other girls. Then they use those skills on others in various ways." She was saying to the girl who was still listening with both ears.

" Are you ready to order ladies?" The waitress asked as she stood beside our table with a smile. One that looked very genuine too.

" I'll have a vanilla latte with a ham, mushroom cheese and tomato croissant." I said while the others were still looking at the menu. Not Bella though. She was just looking a little lost at the moment.

" My young friend will be having the same as me. But light on the latte." I said to the waitress with a smile. One she readily returned.

" Sure thing Dr West." She said with another smile as she wrote down the second order on her little note pad.

" You know of her?" I heard Bella ask the woman standing there.

" Yes, I do. Dr West looked after my cousin Colley Burke when he had his accident a little over a year ago." She said to Bella with an eager smile before speaking again.

I remember Colley very well. he was a hard nut to crack. But we got there in the end and I still see him on occasion for a few sessions.

" You were the only one who could Doc West." She added with another smile.

" I'm only glad that I could help him." I said to her with a gentle smile.

" You certainly did, Mam. You certainly did. Now.. Are you two ladies ready to order?" She said before turning to Jen and Barb.

After placing their orders, we quietly sat there just speaking about a few little things like what to wear at the dance this weekend and which dance to get up for.

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