357 (Adventures)

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Less time for deviantART, but so much more time for writing in the last days. I'm writing on a hot story with Nina Henze these days, but 'till now we're not sure if this explicit one will be published or remains a private joy, and I can't stop exploring the depths of my mind with J. who became a princess in a land of really wild creatures, a jungle so close to our world that it just takes one breath to open the door and walk right through it. So many adventures to come, stay tuned!

My Book of Dreams, November 2nd 2012

From now on you're gonna find most of my international work on xoxoTarrantHightopp, and if you think I'm mad as a hatter, you're probably right. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride! 🃏

DIARY IILies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!