Oncoming Storm

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Triggers: Trains going nyoom, more modern lessons, Christmas shopping, swearing, screaming, mentions of NSFW activity, how do meteorologist, mmm turtle

I got up at my rather usual time: seven. It was a weekday so naturally I set my alarm even though I didn't have work for the next two weeks due to the Christmas season. I passed my guest room to find Alexander asleep on the bed with Laurens facing the other way. Lafayette managed to fall asleep on a chair in there. Mulligan was partially in the closet, no care. Burr must have gotten fed up with having to sleep on the floor so he was now at the foot of the bed. Jefferson had taken claim to my couch. I walked out into the main room, looking out at the sunrise over Manhattan.
I then made some coffee and sat down on the floor next to the couch. Since Jefferson's feet occupied where I'd sit, I was fine here. As I sipped my drink, I heard a stirring from the furniture behind me. 
"Ugh..." Jefferson groaned.
"Good morning, Thomas." I smiled softly.
"Oh...good morning, Y/N." He sounded disappointed. I can't blame him. I don't want him here either, but I can't throw someone out during the Christmas season. That's cruel.
"How'd you sleep on this old thing?" I pat the couch and chuckled.
"It's more comfortable than anything I've ever really slept on. Compared to beds back in...my time, I guess." He sat up, looking back towards the large window. "I've been hearing those...car things all night."
"New York has been gifted with the name 'the city that never sleeps'." I sighed. "You get used to it though. I can't even sleep in a room without noise anymore, and I've only been living here for a six months."
He went silent, sitting so his elbows rested in his knees. "How did slavery end?"
I pondered the question for a second. "A war. The Civil war. The southern states versus the northern. North won. Slaves freed. That's the gist of it."
"Oh." Thomas responded blatantly.
"Slavery is outright illegal in America now. We have fifty states too..." I looked away, sitting up on the couch and nudging him in the ribs. He furrowed his brow in confusion. "It's technically yours and Alexander's fault our country is so divided today, you know. The last presidential election proved just how bad it can get."
"Well uh...sorry?" He shrugged. Washy came up and wagged his tail, pawing Jefferson's foot. "He's just so small, I don't understand."
I placed my cup on the side table, reaching down and picking up the puppy. He immediately squirmed from my grasp and onto Jefferson's lap. Jefferson raised his shoulders in response, looking generally uncomfortable.
"Well he's still a baby." I chuckled. "You can pet him, he's a sweetie."
Thomas' body seemed to come undone as he reached and touched Washy's back, petting him slowly.
I sighed and got up, standing by the window.
"Well, what's going to happen today?" Thomas asked me.
I shrugged. "I guess I'll take you and the boys shopping, because you obviously need to develop a style that's not breeches and waistcoats."
"Why? What's your style?"
"Sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, some dresses, a little bit of makeup-"
"You can stop there because you lost me at the first word."
I giggled, "I guess you'll see when I put some on today." I reached for the TV remote, turning on the news. Thomas stared at the screen as GMA played.
"Good morning America, today is Saturday, December 17th. Here's Ginger Zee with the weather."
"God, let's hope it's not too cold this week." I muttered.
"Oh, bad news for the city that never sleeps, because tomorrow we're expecting blizzard-like conditions outside!"
"I fail to see why she laughs about that." I chuckled.
"Blizzard-like conditions?" Thomas sighed, looking out the window. "How bad-?"
"Unfortunately that will probably close many stores all over the city so I suggest you get out and get food today to stock up."
"I should probably make a list of all the stuff we need. Not just food, but stuff to warm you boys up." I said, placing my coffee down and walking to get a pen and pad of paper.
I sat back down and jot down:
2 sleeping bags
Clothes for the boys
Wrapping paper
That's all I really needed.
Baking products(pans)
Batter (cookies, cake, muffins, cheesecake)
There that's better. Might as well do some baking during a cold day to keep the house warm.
"There. I'll let you six pick out your own clothes so you can develop your own styles."
I smiled as the tv began playing some classic ads for the season.  Macy's, Target, Walmart. All the giants competing to get the most money this holiday season. Jefferson grabbed the blanket he had used and bundled himself in it quite like how F/N would on cold mornings.
Speaking of F/N, I wondered why they weren't home yet. I decided to text them.
Me: Dude where are you. You said it was the graveyard shift, not a one night stand
F/n: It may or may not have been a one night stand..😅
Me: 🙄😂 gdi you oaf . Please tell me you used protection.
F/n: You act like I'm stupid. I always have protection with me.
Me: Smart. But when will you be home?
F/n: I'm in a cab right now. I'll be back in less than an hour. This person lives in Jersey.
Me: shit I forgot to tell you we have a few guests staying with us. Six to be exact. I'll explain more when you get here.
F/n: Uh. K?
I sighed out of slight agitation and stood up, "Crap I forgot to tell my roommate that you and others were here..."
"Roommate?" Thomas inquired.
Meh, 18th century slang.
"My friend who also lives here. Call them a whore but they had a bit of an intimate affair last night so that's why they weren't here." I said, chuckling.
"What's their name?"
"F/N. We've been friends since we were this high." I lowered my hand to be level with my mid thigh.
I plopped back down on the couch.
After a few seconds of silence, Jefferson spoke up again with another conversation starter that would anger any social justice worker
"Why aren't you married yet? You're of age to do so, why hasn't your father arranged it?" He asked.
I rolled my eyes. "One, I am 'courting' someone right now, whom I chose. Second of all, this is the 21st century...women dont have to be married off. If anything, my father doesn't want for me to get married."
"Hmm..." he nodded.
"Also, not everyone is heterosexual... There are plenty of women who have fallen in love with each other and since it got legalized two years ago, have gotten married.."
I couldn't tell if his look was out of disgust, anger, or interest with confusion.
"Well, I'm gonna get up the others and ready so they aren't out cold when F/N gets home."
F/N tapped their foot, a noticeable expression of agitation and a changed attitude radiating off of them. "Y/N... Why the fuck are there six grown men who I have never met in our apartment?"
"Uh....They'll be staying with us... for a bit." I rubbed the back of my neck. "Let me talk with you in private..."
They nodded and we went into the kitchen.
"Seriously, what the fuck?"
"Okay, this is going to sound very far fetched, but when I was fixing the floor yesterday, I found a note in it with this weird poetry. It sent me...well, back in time? I don't know, but I met five out of the six out there and they just so happen to be some of the founding fathers?" I twiddled my thumbs as F/N stared at me with a skeptical look in their e/c eyes.
"Y/n, you've never lied to me on purpose." They sighed and shook their head. "I can tell when you're lying too, because your entire neck flushes. It's not flushing... You're dead serious?"
I nodded frantically. "Over there was have John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton."
"Oh goodie. Guess I should go, uh...meet them." They chuckled and walked passed me.
"Okay, hi. I'm F/N. I'm y/n's best friend. It's nice to meet some actual historical people. The people who set the corner stones for all that world of crap out there. " they pointed passed the window. I snickered, walking next to them.
"Yeah, yeah..." Thomas waved his hand. "I've heard enough from Y/N."
Lafayette, Mulligan and Laurens were currently enthralled by the bland undecorated Christmas tree in the corner.
"Y/N, this is a German tradition, is it not?" Laf asked.
I walked over as F/N began talking with Aaron Burr.
"Yeah, I thought it was only a German thing to keep a tree in the house during the Christmas season." John said.
I smiled, "Well, like I said at dinner last night, culture is everywhere."
"I'm honestly a little anxious to be headed out into familiar yet unfamiliar territory." Herc chuckled nervously.
"Ah, you'll be fine as long as you don't walk out into the middle of the road or threaten random strangers."
Just then, I heard the unfortunately familiar sound of Alexander and Thomas getting into an argument.
"Hey, you two, cut it the fuck out!" I flipped them off.
F/n decided to stay home from shopping, considering they had a late night. I found some hats and gloves that would suffice for the men until we got to a store that sold coats.
The six behind me were quite like ducklings following their mother.
We got on the subway, and our car was empty except us. Very rare for this part of town, but I'll take it.
"What do we do in he-?" Burr was launched backwards as the train started. I couldn't contain my laughter as Jefferson followed. Alexander was leaning forward towards the force, and he laughed with me, until Jefferson took hold of his ankle and pulled him to the floor
Let's say that was one of the best things I've ever seen, along with Laurens practically pole dancing on one of the beams. I spat out my drink.
We finally got into a store, and I told the men to look for three outfits that suited them, a pair of snow boots and shoes they liked.
Alexander ended up deciding on two sweaters, one blue and the other grey and a hoodie to go over them, with a pair of sweatpants and jeans. His shoes were just a pair of basic black sneakers he found comfortable.
Mulligan was into ripped jeans, and flannels. That's literally all he got. He also got converse sneakers, which I thought was kinda cool. I thought a beanie looked nice, and sunglasses so he got those too.
Laurens chose one turtleneck sweater and two long sleeve t shirts, joggers and jeans, with a high top sneakers.
Burr got two button-up collared shirts and one regular shirt with dark jeans and khakis. He seemed to be into ties too, so he got ties to go with his fancy-schmancy crap, and a pair of dressier black shoes.
Lafayette, and his naturally European fashion sense went for tight t-shirts and skinny jeans. Stuff my parents said didn't belong on a guy, he liked. I couldn't help but think it was adorable. He found his happiness in basic white running shoes that went with all three outfits he picked.
At the end, I couldn't locate Jefferson. I know he was prestigious and went with snazzy sweaters with dress-shirts to go underneath, and now he was off looking at shoes. I didn't expect to find him with a pair of the ugliest things I've ever seen in my entire life.
"Thomas. What are those?" I said, not minding the meme. He was holding a pair of vans. Not just any vans, however. Velvet vans, I shit you not. Velvet.
"I don't know but they're nice."
"No, you will not get those." I said sternly. "They are the ugliest things I've ever seen, okay? Bleh, burn them."
My hands were full of bags from the food department, and I took the shoes, tossed them, grabbed a pair of dress shoes for him. He scowled and out them on.
Well, even after that, we went to my place and began preparing for the storm. 

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