Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I followed Dan into the office. I was eating my Pringles and giving him “flat tires” as we walked. I could tell he was getting very annoyed with my antics. Like that’s going to stop me. I stepped on his heel again and he whipped around, almost knocking me off my feet.

He took a handful of M&Ms and threw them at my face. He took some more and threw them at me. Some managed to fall down my shirt.  When he was done he gave me a triumphant look and started walking again.

We sat behind the counter and started to eat our lunches. I put my legs on his lap and he let me. I continued to eat my Pringles and look at all the skates they had to rent. They were all the same and it was boring. Mine were kind of different, one of Dan’s wife’s pairs.

I finished eating. “So what do I do now?” I asked him.

“You could skate I guess, there’s not that much to do around here right now.” I nodded and got up.

I took one step and fell flat on my face. I laid there on the ground and tried to move my feet apart. He tied my shoes together! As I was eating lunch! Who does that kind of thing?

“Dan, you are the most childish thirty-year-old ever.” He just laughed.

I rolled over and untied my shoes. When I had them off I threw them both at him.  One hit him and the other went soaring above his head into the lobby, he shut up. I slipped on my skates and glared at him the whole time. He was having a hard time containing his laughter. I flicked him in the head before leaving.

Not even two minutes after I started skating his voice came on the intercom, “That was so funny!”. There was more laughter and it was really annoying.

His voice went away and I was thankful. I went to the middle and sat down on the ice. I laid back and made a few ice angels. The ice was uneven and covered in snow. Dan’s getting lazy, that or the person that’s supposed to run the Zamboni is getting lazy.

I should’ve know better than to expect smooth ice. I’ve only ever been skating on smooth ice once, it was wonderful.

I got back up and stared at the ground. I followed the lines in the ice. You can get lost following them, not knowing where they end. Then when they meet a new line you don’t know which way to go. Kind of like going to a new country with out a map, you just drive the roads until you end up somewhere.

I hope Michael comes tonight, but it’s fine if he decides to stay with his buddies. It’s a Friday, he should go to a party or something. Maybe I could go over to Gwen’s. Probably not, she’s probably really busy with planning her wedding. That or too busy with her Fiancé.

“Get off the ice, you can’t skate while the Zamboni’s on the ice!” Dan yelled at me from the top of the Zamboni.

When did he get the doors open and then drive the Zamboni out of the garage? Shouldn’t I have noticed the noise? See this is what happens when I follow the lines and think about things. It’s like I’m in a whole other world.

I skated to the exit and got off. Dan drove the Zamboni onto the ice and I walked back into his office. Sitting on the counter was half of his turkey sandwich. Well I am hungry...

I ate his sandwich and waited for him to finish up in the rink. As I was eating my food the door to the small lobby swung open and a person walked in. I noticed it was someone from school. Then our P.E teacher walked in. I “fell” off the stool I was sitting on and hid under the counter.

“Is anyone here?” Mr. Bendall asked. I didn’t reply, maybe he’ll just wait for Dan to get back. I really hope that the girl that first walked in didn’t notice me.

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