Chapter 13 - Carnival

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‘Extra credit?” he stared at me.

“Y-Yeah, why do you n-need it?”

“I don’t,” he shrugged. “She asks me every year, I do it as a favor.”

“T-That’s nice, y-you’re really good. Um, d-do you know what I should do? I-I’m supposed to paint hearts,” I laughed nervously.

“Eh, she’ll give you credit for showing up. Can you do me a favor?” I nodded. “Can you refill this cup with water?” he handed me a plastic cup with brown water in it, from mixing all the colors together after he rinsed it off.

“Sure,” I breathed out and got up, walking across the gym and into the all. I dumped it out into the drinking fountain and then filled it up after I rinsed it a bit. I came back seeing Harry talking to a little girl.

“You want to make your eyes have a mask?” she nodded.

“Like a fairy!”

“Ah so pink?”

“And purple!”

“I got you,” he rocked back and tipped her face forward, concentrating so hard for her as he ran the brush over her skin. I liked seeing how gentle he was with her, the way he delicately held her face, and spoke softly to her. It was... a very nice side to see. I set the water down off to the side on the table next to him. “Thanks,” I only nodded and sat back, talking to kids and trying to get them to be patient.

Harry painted so many faces I had no clue how his hand didn’t fall off. He became a big attraction; apparently the kids looked forward to Harry’s face paints all year. That’s what a teacher told me. The line would wrap around the gym for him, all the kids waiting and waiting. 

“Wow,” he breathed out after the carnival was finished. “Lots of kids this year.”

I nodded. “G-Good job, kids loved this, they were so h-happy.” He nodded, moving some brushes around. I was flipping through an idea book of images. “N-Never had my face painted.”


I shook my head. “First c-carnival.”

He tilted his head like it was a shock. “You've never been to a carnival?" I shook my head. "Have you been to the circus? Anything?" I shook my head with a smile, I liked seeing how surprised he was. "What would you like?” he turned and made his chair face closer to me. I laughed anxiously.


“Come on, what?”

I thought and flipped through the pages, and kept thinking. “S-Snowflake?”

He nodded and took out a white and a new brush. He had me move closer, which made me so nervous. He really smelled like paint, and some kind of cologne. He was so close in my space. I felt how warm he was, our knees hitting against the other. 

“Head back,’ he tucked his hand under my chin and tipped it to the side and back a bit, having better access to my cheek. I was incredibly anxious, my hands laced in my lap, shaking a bit. I started bouncing my foot, not even willing to make eye contact with him. As he glided the brush over my cheek I jumped a bit. “What?”


He smiled faintly and rocked back, getting a very pretty blue color. I stared at him as he painted my cheek, finally able to look. He was concentrating very hard; I could feel his breath, my heart racing. He looked at my eyes for a moment; his green eyes stare always seemed a bit hard. I couldn’t tell if it was from the concentration or not. But his eyes were beautiful, the dark rims of green that faded out so lightly. They were so sweet looking for someone who could be intimidating at times. 

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