The Bad Boy's Mission

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"Jake, move. You stink of smoke."

Seriously Emily, why are you speaking to him like this?

I'm dead. Officially dead.

Someone please play Shawn Mendes at my funeral.

Jake smirked, his lips curling up into a grin.

"So, you're feisty, huh Muffin?" he stared straight into my eyes, the blue in them twinkling mischievously. My own widened in confusion and I frowned back at him -

Muffin? What the fudge?

"Don't call me that, my name's Emily." I narrowed my eyes and tried to keep my voice threatening but he sensed the insecurity behind it.

"Okay Muffin," he responded, the corner of his mouth tugging upwards into a smirk. I huffed unhappily and shoved at his chest which caused no movement in him whatsoever.

Is the boy made of brick or something?

His arm suddenly moved from my side and I instantly bought my hands up, protecting my head. It was a natural force of habit thing I did having to live with Trevor. I always figured if I protect my head as soon as I could, it would cause less damage once Trevor was done with me. I closed my eyes and waited for the blow but moments passed and nothing happened.

"Emily?" Jake said uneasily, prying my hands away from my face gently. I looked up at him like a timid child watching as his eyes flashed with concern and confusion.

Oh god, what have I just done?

Author: sakz15

Status: Completed

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