Chapter 28

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Another small chapter for you guys! I was originally going to leave it with the next chapter that I'll be uploading, but I decided to break it up, so enjoy!!

Erin's POV

The drive to one of my father's many wear houses didn't take long. The first one that we were heading to was where he had most his men train. It was about approximately fifteen minutes away from our house. I sat in the seat behind the driver, where of course Jaxon sat. I could see the excitement and joy in Jaxon's eyes the second he turned the car on. I actually had to refrain myself from grinning cheek to cheek. He just sat there admiring the steering wheel.

"Any day now, Garrles.."

Jaxon chuckled to himself softly. "Sorry, sir."

I started to wonder to myself how Jaxon even knew how to drive. Was it something he picked up on his own, or was it something his dad had thought him, or anyone else for that matter. I knew so much about him already, but it was honestly the little things that made me love him even more. Like his middle name, Elijah. It was just one of those names that just rolled off your tongue. Jaxon Elijah. Just saying his name in my head made my knees go weak.

I looked up a couple times and caught Jaxon looking at me through the review mirror. Like an idiot I couldn't stop myself from smiling. I either looked away looking out the window or down at my phone.

My dad sitting next to me instructed Jaxon to pull into the parking lot, telling him to get off the car with us.

We walked into the warehouse in silence, well Jax's and I did. My dad of course was on his cell phone, yelling at someone, as usual. We walked through the two big double doors, entering the main floor. My father ended his call, shoving his phone back into his pocket, he looks behind him. "Stay close, Garrles. I have a couple of newbies roaming around, wouldn't want to lose you just yet." He smirked.

The work house that we were in had about four levels in total. The first floor that we were on, was an open area where the guys got to train freely with one another. There were about a dozen men in here training at the moment. Just like any other time that my dad walked into a room, everyone stopped what they were doing until my father gave them the okay to continue.

The second level on top of us was filled with work out equipment/machines for his men to use, and a small office to the back of the room. Then there were the two lower levels. The lower levels were a bit more secluded, not a lot of people were allowed down there, including myself. I was only allowed on the first floor beneath us, which so happened to be a indoor shooting range.

The bottom floor was a whole different story though. I had actually never seen the bottom floor for myself, but all I knew was that, that's where all the turning happened.

Ramos walked over to us, handing my father a folder filled with papers. My dad opened the folder flipping through the papers. "Preston and Reign are still in phase two of transitioning. Sande's is upstairs with Delisli."

My father closes the folder, handing it back to Lou. "What about Carvez?" He says sternly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his pants. "Has he made any improvement?"

Lou turns around facing the open floor. He points over at two guys training to the far right corner. I recognized Rittz, but not the younger looking one. "It's taking some time, but I do believe that he's slowly improving, boss." It was in that exact moment that Rittz took the guy down, pinning him to the ground. My dad turns to look at Lou, arching an eyebrow at him. Lou smiles a bit, "like I said, it's taking some time. He's a kid, Lucius, what do you expect, he's still scared."

My dads jaw clenched as he stood there watching the guy get up. He crossed his arms over his chest, turning to look at Ramos. "I expect him to have improved by now. Get Sande and Delisli down here.." Ramos nodded disappearing from his spot. "CARVEZ!" My dad lifted his hand, waving the guy over.

The Carvez guy walked over to us, around the same time that Arlo, Lou, and the Sande dude did. A looked at me for second, but when I smiled at him he decides to look away. He soon has a steely expression on his face when he noticed Jaxon standing beside my father.

Dad sighed angrily to himself. "You're driving my fucking patience, Izek." The Carvez guy put his head down. "Eric here is probably about only on day eight of being turned, and he's already doing much better than you." He scoffs, "I'm done waiting. You either prove to me right now that you want this, or stop wasting my fucking time. I saved your life for a fucking for a reason, but now I'm starting to think that maybe I made a wrong choice. I don't need pansy ass kids working for me. I need men. You either kill this man right here, or I can assure you that he's gonna kill you, Carvez. I honestly don't need either one of you, i have two men downstairs right about now that I can wait on. So prove to me that you want to be here, Izek. Eric.. Who really wants to be here... who wants this more."

The Eric guy does not waste any time, before my dad could finish his statement he smiles, showing his fangs and lunges at Izek.

"Take care of Garrels, Delisli. Make sure he doesn't get hurt." Great. I thought to myself. Put the one guy that hates him right now in charge of him.

Arlo inhales a deep breath, "yes, sir." He walks over next to Jaxon, grabbing on to one of his arm he pulls him closer to him. I didn't miss the small wince Jaxon made when Arlo tugged on him. I squinted my eyes, scolding him. A looks back at me releasing Jaxon's arm with all the unnecessary attitude.

One of the guys fighting hiss, catching my attention. Most of my father's men stopped doing what they were doing, and stood where they were, watching the two fight it out. They were moving faster than I could follow. I got the chills watching them brawl, this wasn't going to end well, one of them was gonna die. If not I'm pretty sure my dad had no problem getting rid of the both of them. Eric still being a newbie was insanely fast, he leaped back dodging most of Izek's hits. Eric's hand shout out gripping izek by the throat, slamming him hard face first into the wall.

Izek stumbled backwards, blood pouring out of his nose. I thought he would for sure go down with that force of hit, but a second later he shook it off lunging forward. Eric waited patiently, grinning, almost toying with him. He leaped forward meeting Izek in the middle of the room, he ducked whirling around dodging Eric's vicious blow, but while doing so he left his back unprotected. Sande's for a second time got a hold of Izek's neck, and I was officially scared. I seen the triumph in his eyes, he was done playing with him.

Eric stood behind izek dropping him down to his knees, hands tightly wrapped around his neck. This did not look good, Izek was actually struggling trying to fight off Eric's hold, he begins to wheeze half a second later.

"CARVEZ!" My father shouted, walking towards the men. He crouches down next to the two. "Don't you dare let this man snap your neck! I swear to God, I will rip your heart out before he gets the chance too!"

Izek stares up at my father, breathing heavily, still struggling against Eric's hold. Then faster than anyone could ever imagine, Izek lets out a deep vicious growl pulling Eric over him, slamming him down onto the ground. Eric groans as his back makes impact with the ground, but gets up instantly dodging Izek's on coming hit. Things take a brutal turn. The guys lunged at each other one last time, but this time Izek manages to shove his hand deep into Eric's chest, tearing his heart out. Izek lets Eric's body crumpled to the ground, as he drops his heart falling to his knee's, then drops down on all fours, panting heavily.

I shuddered at the site of Eric's decaying body. 

My father on the other hand starts to clap, and his men follow in pursuit clapping along with him. He kneels back down in front of izek and starts to chuckle, patting him on the shoulder. "Now was that so hard?"

Izek doesn't say anything, he looks up at my dad, chest still heaving. "Next time, don't waste my fücking time, Carvez. Or l can assure you that the next time I pair you up with someone, you won't get so lucky." With a sickening twist, my father snaps Izek's neck, leaving his body to thump to the ground.

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