Izeiah's Pov

The familiar smell lingered around the room. I hate it. I almost drank that lunacy, if it weren't for the last part I would be on that stage waiting for the demon to snatch my sanity.

Aside from that, I have another problem. The elders are mad for some reason. Butler Chan have given me a good scolding last night. It was a pain.

Meanwhile, I haven't even gotten a clue to Lothi's whereabouts. These problems are giving me a headache.

And the chains are making it worse. Why can't they just use a fucking rope for my ear's sake! As the students grow savage, the chains move around causing the unwanted noises.

But still, I can feel it closer and stronger than before, it's like it's been right beside me all along. I shook the thoughts away and tried focusing my attention infront. They're unconsciously giving me a night full of fun.

Nakita ko ang biglang paglabas ng sword from someone's chest. Tapos merong shuriken na sumaksak ng leeg. Blood was everywhere. If it weren't for the moon spoiling the fun, I would enjoy myself.

Nagtatakbo ang lahat sa loob ng malaking stage na merong mga metal na na pumapaligid para protektahan ang mga taong nanonood. Mas masaya kung wala ito, panira ng mood oh.

"Move." Tumingin ako sa gilid ko. Hindi ko kasama si Ivan kaya himala nalang kung biglang magpop out siya sa tabi ko. Pamilyar talaga ang boses pero dahil medyo madilim, hindi ko maaninang ang nagsalita. Ako ba ang kinakausap niya?

"Nakaupo na ako dito! Bakit hindi nalang k---" Sagot ng isa pero mukhang natigilan at biglang napatayo.

"Now that's a good boy." He said and sat on the spot beside me.

"Izeiah~~" He said in a sing-song tone. The lunacy's scent was disturbed with a very strong smell.


"Ivan---you're drunk." Hinawakan ko ang ilong ko at inistretch ang kamay ko sakanya. Eww.

"I never get drunk." Wika niya at lumapit. Inilayo ko ang sarili ko.

"Keep the distance this way, you pervert!" Ngumiti siya.

"It's done." He gestured infront. I turned my head. And he was right. There was one person left standing. And he managed to get his sanity back. Tumayo ang lahat at pumalakpak.

"My little Robinson-- you let your guard down." And I guess I did. Mabilis na hinapit ni Ivan ang bewyang ko pagkatayo na pagkatayo ko.

"Ivan, what are you doing?! Let go."


"Iiiiivaaaaan!!!!" I struggled to get away from him and fortunately I succeeded. The struggle was real folks.

"What the hell, Ivan?!"


"Alcohol! You stink of alcohol. Dammit!"

"I do?" Hinawakan niya ang ulo niya and closed his eyes. I sighed and got close to him before he can even fall to the ground.

"Stupid Shikaiken, you're heavy, don't you know that?" I was forced to let him lean on me. Should I drag him?

"Hmm~. Little Izeiah. Shortie Robinson" he sang and chuckled.

"Ivan! If you keep teasing me, I guess you're sleeping here today." The smell is getting in my system.

"And for the second time--- you stink!" I breathed. I tried to shook the smell off. Oh god. I'm getting drunk too. Everything swirled around me for a second.

"Ivan! Lumayo ka nga!" Tinakpan ko ang ilong ko dahil matibay talaga ang amoy. Umupo ako at hinintay ang lahat para maka alis sa arena dahil lalong sumasakit ang ulo ko. My eyes opened and everthing was upside down. I can feel my brain jumping around my skull.

Is that even possible?

Damn, I think it is.





I laughed and kicked my feet in the air.

"Ivan! My brain is jumping!!" I stood up on the chair and started jumping too, just like my brain!!

"Isn't that amazing?!!" I laughed.

Narrator's Pov

"And I went through the trouble pretending I was actually drunk. To think that you'll get drunk just from the scent-- it's really not safe for you to get close with anything related to alcohol." Ivan sighed and straightened up.

"Isn't this amazing?!" Tumalon ng tumalon si Izeiah hanggang nagiba ang puwesto ng kanyang paa at tumalon papunta kay Ivan.

"Ahhh! Ivaaaaaniiiii!!!" Nagwala siya at walang nagawa si Ivan but to keep her from falling.

"Calm down!"

"Ohh! Now my heart is doing the same thing! Do you think my intestines can do it too? Can it?! Can it?!" Hindi mapakali si Izeiah at nahihirapan nadin si Ivan na buhatin siya dahil galaw lang ito ng galaw.

"But why is my heart so jumpy right now, Ivan? Can you tell me why?" Tumigil siya sa paggalaw at yinakap ang leeg ni Ivan.

He patted her head.

"But--- you know why. Aren't you suppose to be the one telling me why?" Lumayo si Izeiah kay Ivan at hinarap si Ivan. She tilted her head to the side and really looked confused. Her arms were wrapped around his neck.

Then suddenly--- she started crying!

"Izeiah, you don't have to push yourself, if you can't answer me now, there's always another time."

"But I don't know the answer. I hate me." She cried even more.

"It's okay. Tell me the answer next time, okay?" Pero umiling si Izeiah at itinuro ang kanyang noo.

"But she's telling me not to tell you when time comes I finally know what the answer. Should I trust her?" Nagulat si Ivan pero ngumisi at sinagot siya.

"No. You should trust me instead." Biglang tumawa si Izeiah at lumapit kay Ivan. She leaned her forehead against his.

"Sure!" Masayang sagot nito.

"Let's go back?" Tumango ito at nagsimula nanamang gumalaw ang butiki sa loob nito at hindi nanaman mapakali.

"🎶Fly, fly, fly. The bumble pig. In the red meat is eating lots. In the flowers is eating none. Fly fly fly! The bumble pig!🎶"

"Is that how the song is suppose to go?" Ivan whispered and turned his attention back to Izeiah.

"Bumble pig is hungry! Oh no! It's gone----It died! Ivan! I want another bumble pig!" She demanded and started crying again.

"There, there. If you behave, you'll have your bumble pig" Ivan assured her. Tumigil si Izeiah at ngumiti ng pagkalaki laki.

"Really? Promise?!" Tumawa si Ivan at tumango.

"Promise. Now behave, alright?" Tumango siya. She leaned on his shoulder while he carries her back to their dorm.

"Bumble pig? Not sure if that's even a mythical creature." Umiling iling si Ivan. He fished out his phone and called his butler.

"Butler, can you find a pig and paint it with black and yellow stripes?"

"No, not for me. It's for someone who wanted one."

"I'll call you when I need to get the bumble pig-- I mean-- the pig delivered. Thanks" Pinatay na niya ang tawag at ibinalik ang phone sa kanyang bulsa.

"Now---" Ivan looked at Izeiah.

"I have to know what's the answer concerning your heart, Izeiah. So I guess I'll need you to get drunk sometime again."

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