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Saturday 4th January 2014:

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Number #63 - Avalanche Safety Advocates;

Originally I was planning to put avalanche victims on my ramblings, but that was a bit harsh even for me.

The key message here is if you don't like avalanches, stay the hell off snowy mountains.

They can't fucking hurt you if you ain't near them.

Did you know that whilst you are reading this, people are lobbying to get funding increased for avalanche awareness, avalanche safety and daily avalanche reports!

I can understand that it's very sad to lose a loved one in an avalanche, but if your loved ones hang out in avalanche-prone mountainous areas, this is the kind of thing that fucking happens.

Here's your avalanche report: MOVE THE FUCK AWAY FROM AVALANCHES!

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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