Chapter Thirty-Four - Unwanted Truth

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I opened my eyes and instantly recognized my third bedroom: Dr. Perkins' medical room. Thank God.

I took a moment to assess myself, the last however many hours a complete blank. It was odd because I didn't feel a hint of pain. Except for one: the mark on my neck was simmering. It wasn't like how it had been with Maverick. No, this was far more tolerable. That meant Darcy had to be nearby. I was both comforted and terrified by that knowledge.

Shifting my head I searched for the face I had no doubt would be by my side. Like he always was when I ended up in here, which was far too often. Jacobi's soft curls covered his face as he rested just below my arm. He was sleeping on the chair beside my bed, bent forward so that the mattress was his pillow. How long had he been sleeping like this? He must've been sore.

Shifting my hand I ran my fingers through his hair, relishing every moment I had with him. I was safe.

He shifted groggily before sitting up straight. His eyes shone in relief once he locked his gaze with my own. He didn't say anything, but he didn't have to. The tears welling in his tired eyes were plenty. I reached for his face, he moved closer to allow me the touch, I caressed his cheek, running my fingers down his jaw slowly. I smiled, "Hi."

He took the hand that was freely roaming his face in his own and pressed it against his lips. He shut his eyes, inhaling my scent.

"How long was I out?" I wondered, I checked for a needle in my arm to see if I was being given blood but there wasn't one.

"Three days." He responded grimly.

"Including when I was taken?" I gasped.

He shook his head, "Four, if you want to count that."

I frowned in concern noticing the tired look in his eyes, the lack of spirit in his gaze, the subdued language of his body. It wasn't my Jacobi. "Are you alright?"

His eyes flickered with shame, "You're seriously asking me if I'm alright? You had several broken bones, lost a tremendous amount of blood, nearly died! Not to mention that another man has marked you again. And you're asking me if I'm alright?"

I looked away. What was I supposed to say? I didn't feel any pain to solidify his arguments but he was right. I'd nearly died. "Did you give me a blood transfusion again?"

He nodded, "My blood wasn't enough this time. James and my mother also contributed."

Whoa. "Really?"

"Of course! We've all been so worried about you. It wasn't even a question." He ran his fingers through his already messy hair. "I failed you again."

He was blaming himself? "What do you mean?"

He shook his head, "You would never have been taken if I'd been more cautious with your safety. I didn't put you first and I nearly lost you. I've been such a bloody moron. You know that it took that bloody ex-boyfriend of yours confronting me for me to realize how fucking stupid I've been?"

"Kyle confronted you?" My eyes widened. Kyle was here? Still?

He chuckled humourlessly, "To think that I thought I'd be better for you. But I've been so wrapped up in Adrienne's problems that I completely neglected the person that means the most to me. I failed you, Alaska, and for that I will be eternally sorry."

I wanted to tell him it wasn't his fault. That he couldn't have prevented any of this. I wanted to tell him it was okay and that I forgave him. But I couldn't. Because his words did resonate with me, just slightly. "So you did leave me that night for her?" I blinked back tears.

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