The new kid

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Hoseok's POV

Today I woke into a night mare.....just like every other day.....
But today is supposedly a happy day

And I am sooooo happy.

Today is when I go to Converse High School...from a scholarship, for being me.
Sorry,  I meant being a rapper....

Although I have a bad life story like every single fucking fanfic I read......I don't know where I'm going with this.
No one needs to know my back story right know. It's stupid anyways.....well, onto the (sort of, first fanfic, horrible) story.
I know I probably broke the 4th wall, did I get on this topic?


The boy walked into the disgustingly pink school and was already wandering around.
He could already hear the screeching girls...but first, what are with the marshmallow dresses?
He walked around, already getting lost by this maze.
"Where the f.uck am I?"

Suddenly, there was a voice behind him...
"Are you lost?" (*ahem* language!)
Turning around, Hoseok saw a boy with girly, but handsome features. ( I really don't know how to describe him)

" If you want, you can come with me to find the school's main office."
"Sure," aside from his nonchalant response, this rapper actually thought this handsome boy was his savior.

They both reached the main office, and Hoseok went inside, leaving Jin (you probably figured it was him) to go to his club.

Hoseok's POV

Once I went inside, the first thing I saw was a woman, typing away like a madman on her computer....
What the f.uck is she doing? (Sorry if you don't really like cursing)

I stretched my neck to look over, and she was on Wattpad.....I wonder if she's a fellow otaku.

Not that I'm crazy about anime, just knowing....about a billion of them.... but I'm totally not crazy over it *hehehehehe*
This woman was writing about the show OHSHC.... wow, pretty much the only anime I never watched....(what a coincidence)

"Um....*cough cough* excuse me?"
"Ahh! When did you arrive? You're like a ninja......*whisper*Naruto"
"I was here quite awhile ago..."

"Did you see what I was writing?"
"No (hehe,yes)"
"Oh, thank god. If someone knew about this, they could use it as blackmail...."
(Let's just say it was a Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru fanfic...and she was doing some of the fluffy/smut part)

"Can I have my schedule?"
"Ah, yes. Sure. It's somewhere around her- FoUnd it!"
My eardrums burst, but to be polite, I asked her, her name.

"Oh my name is Renge, and you're homeroom class is across this's 1-A."

I stepped towards the classroom as slowly as I could, especially because the anxiety was kicking. Thinking about every scenario about how this could go wrong didn't help at all.

Slowly opening the door, I saw all eyes on, totally scarier than I imagined.
The teacher welcome me with a forced smile and said, " This is Jung Hoseok, the new student. Would you like to introduce yourself?"

"You just did." A couple boys snickered but the girls just had those creepy heart eyes *shiver*.

The teacher forced her smile even more saying," Well, you'll sit in between Jungkook and Taehyung. In the back. *whispers* so I don't have to really communicate with you. *starts talking with a peppy voice again* Oh, and my name is  Mrs. Yagami"

Wow, I wonder if Light is anywhere in the building.
Finally, I sat in the seat next to Taehyung and Jungkook.

They both looked at me, "Are you here from a scholarship?"
"Yes, why" I was already feeling nervous, shaking my leg a lot. It was a habit and I also had a reasonable illness to help with my excuse.

" We are too! So is Jimin, although he has no jams, please be nice to him."
"Paprika!" What the hell?
Even though there was a sudden outburst coming out of the boy, the one with the adorable bunny teeth continued as if it was normal.

But then I felt a glare.... an intense glare.
I looked over to find a cute kid just looking at me...but his glare was actually kind of cute. And his chubby he even supposed to be in this class?

Either way, Jungkook, asked if I wanted to hang out with him after school. Taehyung was just shouting, "Me like!"

Why did the teacher not call us out?
Maybe I could listen to some vocaloids and kpop songs... heheeheheheheheheheehe

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. I accepted Jungkook's offer and was told to go to music room 3.... why not music room 2 or 1?

Never mind.

But then, after class, I got lost again.

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