Thursday January 2nd 2014:

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Number #57 - Good Days;

Do you know what got me angry today? Nothing. Not one damn thing.

I woke up, felt okay, i ate a really good orange. Walked back from work without getting splashed by a bus or attacked by a cyclist and I remembered to bring my good pen with me.

Had a good meeting in the morning, ate creamy lentil soup at lunch and read some interesting reports in the afternoon, then relaxed to a few episodes of 'Friends' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

Later on a few mates came over, and drank a decent amount of alcohol. That's a pretty good day.

What the hell is the Big Bad Bastard supposed to do with a good day?

Write a poem fucking about it? Not freekin' likely.

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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