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Prologue (Optional)

“Have one of these chocolates.” Jolene pushes the box towards me, but not before diving in and retrieving one last bit.

“Do you know what, I will never get bored of this film even if it does make me cry every time.” I laugh at her as I stuff a chocolate strawberry in my mouth, the sweet taste exploding in my mouth as I crunch down.

“Me neither, Leonardo Di’Caprio is just mouth-watering.”

“Hands off Al!” I chuck a chocolate at Jo’s mesmerised face hoping to retrieve her attention.

“Learn to share Jo!” I lean back on my bed and pick up the quilt lifting it up to my chin to keep the warmth in.

“I just did share remember? My chocolates and now you want my man to? God help me!” She says to sincerely, I shake my head at her while laughing.

“Only if I could find a man like Jack,” She sighs.

“Me too.” I mumble around a chocolate as we both sigh as Jack risks his life.

“Stupid woman! He could have so easily got on there too!” I sigh in impatient for her rant to finish.

“Do you ever watch this film without insulting Rose?” She doesn’t say anything and snatches the chocolates back, stuffing her face for a distraction.

“Well?” I push.

“No.” She mumbles in embarrassment through a mouthful of chocolate. “Though can you blame me? If I was her and had a man like Jack I would give up everything for him and I mean everything Allison, I just wish I could meet someone like Jack – The perfect guy.

 Copyright © 2012 by A. Butler

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