"Alright," I said to Captain Hook and crossed my arms. "Who is this Peter Pan?"

            "Well," he cleared his throat. "Other than him being the menace who has haunted my existence for years he is... I guess you can say the substance of Neverland...the riddle of his being is that so he can never grow up and always be a boy he happily gave up the life of being a grown up and is forever bard from what he will never have, a family."

            "Uhuh....so what do you want?"

            "Because of Peter Pan and his games he has taken my treasure and my crew to his secret hideout and keeping them captive while he plays with his little friends, the lost boys."

            "Well if you  know where his hideout is, why don't you go get them?" I said smugly.

            "Don't you think if I could I would!"

            "Oh, so you're not strong enough is that what it is?"

            "I am plenty capable! It's just...it's just...I have tried many times and-"

            "And you failed..."

            "No! The little pest is always prepared for me to arrive!"

            "Uhuh, so let me guess you want me to get your crew and treasure back,  right?"

            "Yes! And to get rid of Peter Pan and his little fairy!"


            "Yes, his fairy Tinker Bell, she tends to help him most the time."

            "Fine. What of the lost boys?"

            "Cage them, throw them to the sea, do whatever, just keep them out of my way."

            "Aye, aye," I said turning away from him and summoned Two Across. "Let's get this over with. Where's his hideout?"

            "It is a tree, standing off  by itself in the east part of the forest. You can't miss it."

            When I walked back out the doors and was once again introduced to the blue seas and the clouded sky. I used the darkness to fly up in the air to get and overview of the large forest I was meant to search. I flew forward to the east side and there it was, and odd tree that did look quite unique, seeming to stand off by itself. It seemed to be fashioned after not only a home but also a play house. I flew down and peeped into one of the nicely crafted windows and saw no one and in one room. So, I looked in a few other windows, no one in sight.

            I smiled at the thought that no one was home, I could get this over with as soon as possible. I landed to my feet at the front of the tree and pulled a rope that opened a part of its bark like a door. When took a step I ended up sliding down into the main room. I didn't want to waste anytime searching through this place so I decided to make it easier. I held out my hand as I felt the feeling of the darkness tingling on my finger tips. I used the darkness as a clairvoyant path to help lead me to Hook's crew and treasure.

            When a trail of darkness appeared, I followed it down a short hallway and to a flight of stairs that seemed to go underground and into a room that would have been empty if it hadn't been for the caged members of Hook's crew and his treasure.

            "Who are you?" one of the crew members asked.

            I smirked, "Instead of asking questions you should be happy to see me. I'm here to save you." I used the trail of darkness that was on the floor and used it break open all the locks on the cages to set them free. "I was sent by your captain."

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