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Fluttershy set the bowl of salad in front of Angel, who stubbornly pushed it away.

"What's wrong, Angel? it's your favorite!" Fluttershy protested, setting it in front of Angel again.

Angel pointed at the clock, hopping up and down. Fluttershy examined the time, trying to figure it out.

"I don't know Angel, it's only 12:30," Fluttershy replied. Then, it slowly dawned on her that Pinkie wanted to meet her at the bakery to give her a new cupcake made from a "super special" recipe, as Pinkie put it.

Fluttershy gasped and scooped Angel up, putting him on her back.

"I'm gonna be late!" she screeched, galloping down to Ponyville to meet her pink friend.

Pinkie greeted her as she stepped through the door. "Hai Fluttershy!" she squealed, giving her friend a hug.

Fluttershy noticed blood on Pinkies hoof. "Oh, pinkie dear! what happened?"

Pinkie looked down at her hoof. "Oh, I accidentally hurt myself making cupcakes," she giggled, wiping it on a nearby towel. "ready to try my new cupcake?"

Pinkie hadn't pulled Fluttershy out of her bowl, which made her grateful. She didn't know how much longer she could do this to her friends.

"Of course!" Fluttershy exclaimed, sitting at one of the tables.

Pinkie left the room and came back with a strawberry cupcake, with rainbow frosting. "That looks amazing!" Fluttershy said, grabbing it and taking a bite. "Mm... what's your secret?"

Pinkie winked. "I had help from a friend," she replied, giggling. Fluttershy didn't push the matter further, enjoying her cupcake happily.

Angel was searching around, looking for crumbs on the floor to munch on, when Angel heard whimpering coming from somewhere below them.

Angel hopped over to a little blue carpet that was slightly lifted above the ground. Angel stuck his head under the carpet to lift it up and found a door.

He thumped his back foot frantically, trying to grab Fluttershy's attention. Fluttershy lifted her head and looked over to Angel. "Angel? What's wrong?" Fluttershy asked, getting up to walk over to where Angel was.

"Oh! He probably just wants a cupcake too!" Pinkie replied, quickly grabbing one and stuffing it into Angel's paws. She dropped her head, pretending to kiss him, but instead she whispered, "Keep it quiet, furry."

Angel shoved the cupcake in her face and lifted the carpet with his head again, pushing it out of the way.

"Must be the Cake's storage room," Pinkie shrugged when the secret door was revealed. "I wouldn't know. C'mon lets eat more CUPCAKES!"

Angel hopped up and down, sensing something was wrong. Lets when there was an ear-piercing scream coming from beneath the ponies.

"Pinkie?" Fluttershy screamed, recognizing the scream. The voice that had stood up for her back at flight school. "Thats Rainbow!"

Fluttershy hurled the door open and ran down the stairs to find a horrifically mangled Rainbow Dash, with her belly cut wide open and her organs falling out.

Fluttershy gasped and backed right up into Pinkie. She turned around and screamed. Pinkie's normally poofy and playful hair was now straight as a pin. Fluttershy backed up further towards where Rainbow dash was groaning.

Above her, a banner read "Life is a party!" Written in blood. Fluttershy fell to her bum, looking around. "Pinkie?" Fluttershy sputtered. "Did you do this to Dash?"

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