Chapter 24: The Feast

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An announcer begins to speak. "Attention, tributes. Attention. Commencing at noon, there will be a feast today at the Cornucopia. Some of you may be declining this invitation but this will be no ordinary occasion, each of you need something, desperately, and we plan to be generous hosts."

"But what do we need?" I ask Cato.

"Katniss" Cato says.

"Well they won't trap her for us will they?" I ask sarcastically.

"Maybe it's something to protect us from her. Like a vest or armor" Cato exclaims.

"We should go together" he exclaims. I look at him annoyed.

"But I want to go alone" I say "You can stay in the shadows just in case"

"Fine!" he says, very unhappy. I kiss him and we get down.

"Let's go get breakfast" I say . We pack our stuff and head out.

"Look over there" he whispers. We watch a deer come closer and closer to us. I raise my arm, knife in hand and throw. It strikes the deer in the chest and it falls to the ground.

"I'll finish it off" Cato exclaims. He slits the deer's throat and it's dead.

"Let's make a fire" I say. We drag the corps deeper in the woods. Cato start a fire while I skin and gut the poor animal. We finish our meal and I hear a beeping.

"Cato, a parachute." I exclaim walking to where it landed. I open it and there is a note:

'Hope this helps! You better win! I love you, Clove.


ps. Poison and knife for the final kill. Burns skin and disintegrates you alive. Do not touch!

"Cato. Look knife poison!" I exclaim.

"Ohh cool" he says. "Do you hear that, it's another parachute"

He walks over to the parachute and grabs it from the air.

"It's pretty big. What is it?" I pester.

"Hold on" he says reading the note. "It's a new survival knife" he exclaims. We continue our day and I marvel at the beauty of the hand-carved handle of my new knife. I smell the poison and it smells like spices and blood.

"Cato smell this. Do you smell blood and spices" I ask handing him the bottle.

"Actually I smell blood and clove. Wait clove?" he exclaims.

"I wonder why?' I say.

"That's weird. Is it a sign?" he asks.

"Who knows" I shrug it off and we continue. We arrive at the edge of the forest. A table lifts from the  Cornucopia.

"There's our bag. It's the biggest. You might be right!" I proclaim.

"Wait until you see fire girl. I'm going to scope out for Thresh and anyone else"

"Okay I love you" I say pecking his cheek.

"Be safe" he says crawling out of view. I kneel down and see Fox-Face come out of the Cornucopia and sprint to her bag. That girl is smart. She sprints all the way back to the forest.

Then I see HER. Fire Girl. I sprint all the way to the Cornucopia and throw a knife at her. It slides off her face and cuts her deeply. She attempts to shoot an arrow but I dodge. She tries to shoot a second but I'm already on top of her. I'm holding her down with my smallest knife to her face.

"Where's lover boy? Oh, I see. You tried help him...Well that's sweet! Well, it's too bad that you couldn't help your little friend. That little girl, what was her name again? Rue? Yeah, well the Careers killed her. And now, a Career is gonna kill you." I say menacingly.

 Then I feel a strong hand on my shoulder. Is it Cato telling me to go? No it was Thresh. He slams me onto the side of the Cornucopia.

"Cato. Cato!" I screech.

"Did you kill her?" he asks.

"No! Marvel did and I'm sorry" I say very quietly since I a foot in the air held by my throat.

"You said her name. You kill her?" Thresh responds to my response.

"Clove!" Cato yells.

Thresh picks up a rock and is about to smash it into my skull. Then he drops.

"Cato?!?!" I exclaim.

"Ohh, Clove!" He says "You are never leaving my side." Fire-Girl has left and she's at the edge of the forest. She hasn't grabbed her bag and I give it to her.

"I know how you feel. I lost a great friend here too." I say walking away.

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