Caught Up In A Daze

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Me and Nia cruised down to the streets of New York City having the best time. We were just singing our hearts out on this hot summer day.

After getting some ice cream we pulled up to the basketball court where everybody was at. Nia wasn't lying when she said it would be some cute guys with they shirt off and Alexis wasn't lying when she said Deandre would be here. As we walked by the fences I felt everybody eyes on us and I don't know but I'm starting to get that everywhere I go, maybe it's cause they don't recognize me. I don't know but either way I'm tired of it.

''Damn, they love to stare down here or what?'' I said to Nia as we both sat down on the bleachers inside the court.

''Girl they stare everywhere especially when you fine.''she said laughing causing me to as well.

It didn't take long for Deandre to notice me. Our eyes met and I just smiled at him as he licked his lips at me. He had a whole game going on and he was staring me down .

They were playing shirts vs skin anf course Deandre had his shirt off looking delicious. His little chocolate self mmmmmm that boy. He began to show off for me hitting 3s back to back and dunking on niggas like it was nothing. I found it cute that he wanted to impress me and yes it was obvious because almost every time he did something on the court he looked at me.

''Ooh somebody's showing out for his girl today.''Nia said laughing and looking at me.

I rolled my eyes. ''Nia that is not my man okay? I don't know what I'm gone do with you and Alexis.''I said laughing and shaking my head.

''Mmhm, sure. Whatever you say Melody, but I know the truth.''she said still laughing as I rolled my eyes.

''What's up Nia?''A boy said walking up to us.

''Bye.''Nia said so dryly as I looked at her like what's going on? Nia was a nice girl so he must've did something to piss her off.

''Damn , why all that? I know you not gone do yo first love like that . '' he said sitting next to her as she scooted away from him, yeah I was feeling real outta place right now.

''Shawn, what do you want?''she said rolling her eyes and looking at him.

He smacked his lips. ''I just came to see what's up with you , I've been calling and calling you, But you ain't been answering.''He said while she shrugged her shoulders.

''I know, now move around.''she said scooting away from him for the second time.

''Damn it's like that?''He said shaking his head. He seemed a little butt hurt if you asked me, but hey maybe he really liked her.

''Yeah it's like that Shawn and it's been that way since you got ol girl pregnant.''Nia said as I spit a little of my water out. I wasn't trynna be nosy but shit they were right next to me.

''What you talking about Nia? You know that's not my baby. That girl was just lying on my name.''he said smacking his lips.

''Yeah whatever Shawn, I really don't care. We not together no more you ain't gotta explain shit to me.''she said shrugging her shoulders.

''Man, whatever Ima call you tonight and you better answer.''he said while rubbing her thigh as she slightly smiled but went back to her little mug.

''Bye Shawn.''she said rolling her eyes as he walked away.

''Girl who was that?''I said watching Shawn go sit with some other guys.

''Ugh, nobody.''she said rolling her eyes but we all knew that was a lie.

''Nah, we gone talk about this just like you've been at my neck about Deandre.''I said laughing.

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