Chapter 21

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Seto's Pov

I was the first one to the training field besides Sky. Everyone else was probably on their way. Yesterday was not fun. Most of our people got knocked out by the people we are supposed to be decedents from. The only one that had any kind of plan was Mitch and Crystal.

"Excuse me but I'm lost." Some girl said. I turned to see a girl. Sky looked at her and almost froze. That was Alesa's descendent. She looked exactly like Alesa except she had different clothes. "Could you point me in the direction of the nearest town?"

I walked over to Sky. "You okay man?" I asked.

He didn't give any kind of response. He just stood there frozen.

"Is your friend okay?" She asked.

"You just remind him on someone he was very attached to and he doesn't take it very well." I explained. "We will be heading to a town near here. The way there is very confusing."

"Then can I just stick with you guys till then? Unless it's a trouble then I can go." She said.

"It's no trouble." Sky said. "Me and my friends will just be doing a bit of training."

"Oh cool." She replied.

Sky's Pov

She just hung out on a near by rock and watched as everyone got here. I knew she wasn't the Alesa I once knew and loved but she looked so similar. It was uncanny.

"Today we're working on strategy." I said. "This time you'll have to out smart one of my smartest friends or better yet my wife and son."

"What?" Mitch asked.

"Alesa prefers brains over brute strength. She has worked with Mason on it. Despite him looked at like a child he is very clever and can take you down in the blink of an eye without you knowing what hit you." I said. "Let the battle begin." Alesa and Mason got here. They got to work.

It's been about an hour since this began. Mason has just been playing mind tricks on the guys and most of them fell for it. Alesa has just been playing brain teasers and confusing everyone. I heard footsteps and saw Alesa's descendent standing beside me. "Who is that?" She asked.

"That's my dead wife." I said. "She's one of your ancestors. You two have a very uncanny familiarization."

"We look exactly the same." She said.

"Her name is Alesa." I said. "Smartest girl of my time."

"My name is Alesa..." She trailed off. "So what your name?"

"I'm Sky." I said.

"What did you mean when you said she was from your time?" She asked.

"I'm from the medieval times. Times of kings and queens." I said. 

"Hey Dad!" Mason yelled. "Me and Mom need to get going. I'll see you around."

"Bye Mason." I smiled.

Mason and Alesa disappeared. Most of the guys fell down exhausted. Crystal and Jerome were the only ones left standing but I could tell they were drained. "That'll be it for today." I said to them.

"Thank god. I'm tired." Mitch sighed.

"You guys can get going. I'm going to stay here for a bit." I said. I turned to Alesa. "You can go with them."

"No way. I want to here more about my ancestor." She said.

They guys got going and Alesa started asking me questions. "So you're from the medieval times? How is that possible?"

"I'm immortal." I said. "I'm also a brine."

"So how did she die?" She asked.

"My kingdom was burned by my father, killing them in the process." I said.

"That's cruel. What did you do about it?" She asked.

"I defeated him in battle." I answered. "It's told in the story books that Notch did but that's not true."

"I remember my mom telling me that story. Why don't you take the credit?" She asked.

"Because I froze soon after and I was moved to the Aither." I said. "We figured that if the person wasn't recorded in history than people would think it was fake and that it never happened. I figured to give the credit to Notch."

"If you froze then that explains why you're still alive but why did you unfreeze?" She asked.

"There is an evil force threatening Minecraftia. I'm here to stop him." I said. "Back in the day it was Herobrine but not it's someone called Entity303."

"So when you defeat him you'll be sent back to the Aither?" She asked.

I nodded. "And to think that this is all because of a wish I made. It sounds so farfetched to your generation." I placed my hand on my amulet. "It's my decision. Come on. Let's get you to the village."

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