Niall Horan Mature Fanfic- chapter 1

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Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP!! The sound made me jump and woke me up from my nice sleep, I switched it of and realised it was 7 am "shit" I was late for rehearsals I normally woke up at 6 and left at 7, I jumped out of bed threw my leggings on along with a hoodie and my high tops I tied my hair back and washed my face and brushed my teeth grabbed my bag and ran from my hotel to my car, luckily I was not to late only 20mins and the others where still sat around talking waiting for me seen as I was in charge of all the dancers. I didn't know many people as I was from england and was currently choreographing and dancing in LA today I would be working with good friend jason Derulo we was working on 'it girl'. As I came into the run everyone stood knowing it was time to do some work, we went through the warm up then got into our outfits as we already knew th choreography we recorded through until 12 then I sent the dancers for dinner whilst I worked through, I had dedicated my life to dancing as I loved it and I only had 3 weeks to get a lot of dance videos done so worked from 7 am till 8 pm everyday, because in 10 I would be going back to england. At 2 pm the other dancers made there way to the studio where they all warmed up and they was all talking about some hot boys in the studios we carried on filming till 6 then I let the other dancers go and jason went home as well, I stayed with the film crew as I had solo dances to film for the music video, 8 pm came and I still hadn't finished so the film crew decided to stay until we finished then at 12 am I had finally had enough and called it a night knowing I would be up at 6 am again for more dancing. So I drove back to the hotel to find lots of people outside which I thought nothing of and entered the hotel and went straight to my room and looked at the time it was 12.25 so I changed into my pjs and went to sleep.

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