A death chapter 7

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*1 day earlier*
We all had a sleep over again. It was nice and dark out, the perfect time for a scary movie. The Conjuring

We started watching it on the big 3D projector we have in the basement

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We started watching it on the big 3D projector we have in the basement. It's based on true events from the case files of the Warrens. It tells about the true story of ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren who help a family terrorized by an evil spirit in their mysterious farmhouse. We got halfway through and Jessica got a text." I'll be back." she said. About a minute before we heard a blood curdling scream. We rushed over there and there lays a body. It belonged to Jessica. We all screamed and called 911."911, what's your emergency?" we told them everything that happened. Right when we were telling them what happened, multiple arms reached out of Jessica's phone and grabbed her. She was slowly, pulled into the phone. Our mouths were agape and didn't believe what happened. My mind was racing with thoughts and thought I was just seeing things. Was I? Did Alexis see that too?"What just happened?!" she said."I don't know!" I said. Did she see that too? Many moans came from Jessica's phone unknown to mankind. Alexis went to go pick it up."Don't!" I said."Why not?" then many hands tried to grab Alexis."Look out!" I pushed her out of the way. One of the hands had a knife. It stabbed me in the stomach. My breathing started to slow down."Emily!!" Alexis yelled. She ran to the shed as fast as she could to grab my dads hammer. She smashed the phone as hard as she could. Black blood splattered all over her face. She called 911 again. One of the hands was still alive. It grabbed the knife and stabbed Alexis in the thigh. She screamed loud. My vision started to blur and Alexis started to fade away. I was being rolled into a helicopter and so was Alexis. A oxygen mask covered my mouth and nose. 2 unfamiliar people appeared. A middle aged woman and a man who was tall and skinny. He looked around 20 but I knew he was older than he looks."What do we do?!" screamed the woman,"I don't know!" they noticed I was awake and the woman took of the mask and put a new one on. I guessed it was a anesthesia mask. I felt like I was falling away from them. They started to blur and I fell asleep in a minute.

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