Chapter Twenty-Eight

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[Chapter Twenty-Eight]

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[Chapter Twenty-Eight]

Ringo felt it, every bit of happiness that he had managed to scrap up with the last couple of months in the company of different people, it was all fading rapidly. In moments of pure rage, even the most stable of people can find themselves losing control against their better judgment. In Ringo's case, he wasn't stable, to begin with, and losing control was putting everyone, including himself, in danger. To have those moments in his memory of smiling and laughing, only to have them cast to the back of his mind in darkness because the stupid boy before him had the nerve to mention his birth name. It clouded Ringo's mind in such a menacing fog that he couldn't even recall where he was in that moment, the only thing that was clear was the fact that the boy before him had hurt him, and those that hurt him weren't allowed to stick around for long.

The Ravenclaw, now wore a look of fear as he turned to his friends for assistance, only a few minutes ago, he wore a bright and proud smile on his face. He was probably used to people never standing up to his large stature or questioning the things he said, but as they always pointed out, Ringo wasn't like them, he was different.  He had been fighting off bullies since he was a child, bullied by the people that were supposed to show him all the love in the world. There were times where Ringo had people in passing mention God and the Devil, he learned about religion, but how many could claim that they had been face to face with the devil already?

Ringo knew what the Devil dressed like, he knew what the Devil liked to eat and where he worked, he even knew where the Devil lived. People called the Devil's lair, Hell, but Ringo had called it his "home" for years before he decided to challenge the evil creature and destroy it so that he could hurt no one else. He not only cast the Devil away, he cast his demon partner aware, yet in the eyes of others, Ringo wasn't a saviour, he was just as evil as them. It didn't make any sense in his mind, to hear people praise the idea of getting rid of the evils in the world but when someone actually did something rather than talk about it, they were condemned.

He claimed to others that he didn't feel remorse for the things he had done, that he didn't feel sorry for killing his parents. But he did, in some ways, he knew he did because it didn't save him like he thought it would. He thought once they were dead that he would be able to go out into the world and find people that wanted to help him and love him. But instead, he just found that more people wanted to hurt him, more people wanted him to be locked away or dead. The power his parents still had even in the wake of their death was incredible.

Despite all the terrible things they had done, people still felt sorry for them, and they feared Ringo.

Surrounded by his friends, the stupid boy attempted to shake off his nerves to make it look like he wasn't bothered by Ringo. However, his friends didn't share in that same emotion as they stared on, wide-eyed expressions and trembling lips. Ringo had disarmed him in a matter of seconds without even removing his wand and that had rattled everyone's nerves that had been a witness to it all.

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