1) I've loved some girls that I barely knew

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At twenty nine minutes past five the doubts kick in. Ram drummed his fingers against the scratchy new carpet of the corridor and tried to justify what he was doing to himself. It was hard, considering how creepy it was.

Really creepy. Listening to a stranger play violin on a weekly basis creepy.

Ram was crouched outside the music m room, waiting for a girl he didn't even know to play violin.

It was creepy. There was no avoiding the fact. If Tanya found out she would probably kill him. Or report him for stalking. Or slap him.

The weirdest part if it all was that Ram didn't even like the violin for nineteen years before a month ago. Or any classical music at all.

But there was something almost endearing about the owner of the violin, something that meant Ram kept coming back. She was interesting, playing a mix of folk music and top forty covers. (Ram didn't even know that Taylor Swift songs could be played on a violin. Or that it could sound good.) And whenever she hit a wrong note or knocked something over, the girl would swear in a way that Ram didn't think classic music nerds did.

Violin Girl always started at five thirty exactly. So at exactly five twenty nine was when the full extent of what a huge creepy freak Ram was acting like hit him.

It didn't last long. As soon as his Violin Girl started to play, any feelings he had before melted away; forgotten. Ram just focused on the music. It was fifty nine and a half minutes of escapism from everything before he ran off. Before the spell Violin Girl wore off.

The girl moved around quietly, sometimes occasionally humming snippets of melodies to herself. Ram wondered, as he listened to her set up what Violin Girl was like. Not just in her looks but in her everything.

Knowing someone's taste in music wasn't enough. Ram wanted to know everything about her. Which also made him sound like a massive creep.

Not that it was even meant to be in a creepy way. He liked her music. And his therapist had told him to find a way to escape. This girl - this amazing mysterious girl - made Ram forget. Made Ram feel something amazing. Ram wanted to know her because having Violin Girl in his life might make him feel that all the time.

Ram should just talk to her. Ram was good at talking to girls, which was why he'd snogged a so many of them. But this girl - she was like a fantasy he only let himself think of for an hour a week. Like a hero. Or an angel. Or an obsession.

The girl started to play.

It was beautiful. It was tragic. Violin Girl usually seemed so bright.

But it wasn't like Ram actually knew her. His Violin Girl was just that. Just a girl who played the violin, unaware he was even listening. She played for herself and Ram was just crashing her private concert.

It was weird, Ram thought, to feel like he knew a stranger so well. To feel like he should thank her. To feel like he knew that her smile would be pretty without knowing her face.

The music got faster and angrier. Violin Girl had never played like this before. Ram had never heard his Violin Girl (not that she was his anything) so angry. It was as if a fire was burning inside of her.

Ram wanted more than ever to open the door. Or even to just knock. To reach out and let her know she wasn't alone.

A string snapped. Ram pulled away a fist that had been reaching out. Inside the practice room, Violin Girl swore. And then she swore again and again and again. There was a faint cluttering from within. Violin Girl had stopped swearing now. Now she was just quiet. Quiet and angry, throwing around paper.

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