Chapter 23: The Feast Begin's at Noon

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I wake up before Cato and go hunting. I catch a couple squirrels and some rabbits. I cook them up and wake up Cato.

"Wake up Cato" I say kissing him on the cheek.

"What's up? Did you go hunting? Please tell me next time." he responds.

"Nothing, yes and I'm not a little girl" I answer. We get down from the tree and eat our squirrel and rabbit breakfast. When we're done we pack up and head out.

"Attention tributes. Attention. The regulations acquiring a single victor has been suspended. From now on, two victors may be crowned if both originate from the same district. This will be the only announcement. For now." Claudius announces.

"Did you here that? We're going home. Together." I shout. I kiss Cato and we break apart.

"Now we have to stick together. So WE can go home" he says enthusiastically. We walk towards the lake and get some fresh water.

"We should go tribute hunting tonight" Cato states "Together" he says with a stern look.

"Yeah, I don't want to leave your side" I say and kiss his cheek.

We walk around and talk. Making sure that we're loud enough for the cameras. We talk about wedding dresses and color themes for the wedding.

"Maybe teal or lavender for the flower girls" I say.

When it gets dark we eat the left-overs of our breakfast.

"Come on let's go" Cato says ushering me behind him. He grabs my hand and leads me making sure I won't disappear.

We don't find any one so we camp out by the lake, up a tree. We hang our packs on some branches and strap ourselves in. I kiss him goodnight and drift blissfully asleep.

Me and Cato sleep soundly until we hear something.

We awake to an announcement...

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