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These are closed. However there shall be another awards held in June which has no read limits.

Hello, and welcome to The Writer's Awards!

Now, I'm sure you have seen multiple different award books.  I know I have.  So you may be asking why do we make this?  Why should you enter this contest out of all the other contests on this site?  Well, I'm sure the main reason is the same reason why you're looking here in the first place - it is a chance to get your story a reward. 

That isn't enough for some of you?  Okay then.  This is also meant to get undiscovered writers noticed.  So those of you who are looking here who are used to running against those big Wattpad writers with 100k reads?  This is another benefit!

Wait.  That still isn't enough?  Okay then.  For those of you like me who don't like popularity contests, this contest will not have any voting mechanism.  That's right - this contest is purely based on the decisions of judges.  And not judges who may not be the biggest fan of your type of story or anything - judges who will choose to read from your genre.  

I've got you hooked?  Goodie!  Then let's get into the details in list format because everyone loves those!


1 - To enter this contest, you must follow this account.  Why?  Because the more followers we have, the more people who will notice, and hopefully the more people will join.  There is two other payments.  You have to follow ONE of the account admins (Cross-WarriorTeaceFindlaynewbubble)  and tag five people you think would be interested in this contest in your form.  If ANYONE thinks the follow requirement is unreasonable, PM us.  Tell us so, and tell us why.  I am willing to change it.  

2 - You may enter as many stories as you want.  They do not have to be completed.  Stories can be entered two ways: either by the writer themselves or nominated by another user.  If a story is nominated, we will need author's permission.  So make sure to tag the author you are recommending in the form found next chapter.  This is purely because if they win, one of the possible prizes will require their cooperation.  They also have to be the one to follow this account and give the shoutout.  The one who nominates must do the payment of following. Again, if this is thought to be unreasonable, just shoot us a PM.

3 - Any story may be entered as long as it is legal, the work has less than 100k reads, and none of the author's other stories has over 100k reads.  Even a famous writer on here can post a new story on here and it not yet have many reads.  Trust me, if the writer is popular enough, they'll get the attention on their own.  Let other writers have a chance.

4 - We are also accepting more judges!  Trust me, we need them.  So if you are wanting to help make this competition as absolutely fair as possible, please do help.  You'll need a lot of free time, though, in about January to February.    
Form for this will be chapter after next.   You also must be willing to participate in the prizes listed below the rules. Whatever category you choose to judge, you cannot enter.  However, you can enter a story in a category/genre you are not entering.

5 - As of now, all of the categories will be the same as the Wattpad genres.  However, part of the form will be called "Subcategory."  If you think your story sticks into a certain part of a subcategory, such as your Fantasy story actually being a High Fantasy or your General Fiction being New Adult fiction, you can put it here.  If there are 10+ entries in the subcategory and it will not mean the general category goes below 10, it will create a new category.

6 - If you have read the rules, put either a ☆ or a * somewhere on your form. I do not mean vote on the chapter.  I mean to literally put a star or asterisk on the form. Your form WILL NOT be accepted without this. If this rule sounds a bit grumpy, you have no idea how many people miss it.

7 - This may annoy some people, but polish your first chapter up!  There will be a "weeding out" where only the first chapter of a book is read to see if the grammar is even decent and if it at least has a decent hook.  Why?  Because you can lose a reader within the first chapter.  It has to be good enough to grab them.  

8 - If you have any questions, please PM either this account or my main account (Cross-Warrior) and ask.  I will try my best to answer them quickly.  If it is a vital enough question, I may add it to the rules.  I'm only human.  I may have forgotten to put something.

9. Ongoing stories are also accepted.

Now for the other thing I'm sure people are just dying to know about!


First Place: A follow from this account, a follow from the judges of your category, review on the review book, a shout out from this account, a shout out from the judges' account, and a sticker for your book.  It will also be added to a first place reading list on this account AND to a reading list of one of the judges.

Second Place: A follow from this account, a follow from one of the judges of your category, a shout of from this account, a shout of from one of the judges' account, and a sticker.  It will also be added to at second place reading list on this account.

Third Place: A follow from this account, a shout out on this account, and a sticker.  It will also be added to a third place reading list on this account.

If anyone can think of something else that could be added or could help contribute in some way, be sure to PM this account.

Final note: thanks so much to vanitea- for the awesome cover :)

Deadline for participating : 31 December 2016

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