Can I Be Him?

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You walked into the room and now my heart's been stolenCan I be him, James Arthur

(Y/n) stands in the doorway, a huge smile on her face.

"Hey boys! Just curled my hair for what do you think?" Her hair bounces as she speaks and her eyes glint with excitement.

"Beautiful," says Ian, smirking.

"Really?" she laughs. She raises her eyebrows and bites her lip. My heart catapults to the pit of my stomach.

She walks towards us from across the room, her black dress clinging to her waist. I have to stop myself from gawking at her.

"Hey, babe," Ian says. "Shawn asked me to give opinions on this thing he wrote, can it wait?"

"Aw, sorry! I came in at the wrong time then," she laughs. "How are you Shawny?"

"Um... good? I've got a good song here, I think," I say. I could not have sounded more boring if I tried.

"Ah, good!" she laughs awkwardly.

(Y/n) sets herself on Ian's lap and they rest their foreheads together. She leans in and presses her lips against his. I have to look away. Jealousy twists itself like a knife in my stomach.

"Oh sorry, Shawny! You probably didn't want to see that did you?" She ruffles my hair. It feels like she's teasing me and now I just can't take it.

"Just going to the bathroom, be back in a sec."

I dash out of the room, my heart beating fast. Once the door is closed, I slump down and rest my head in my hands. I want her so bad. I never knew it would physically hurt to see someone and not be able to have them.

I listen carefully and I can hear raised voices coming from inside the room.

"Oh, come on (Y/n)! It was so obvious you were flirting with him!" It's Ian's voice.

I can hear (Y/n) crying. "Please baby, you're overreacting!"

"Don't even deny it, (Y/n)!" His voice is the angriest I've ever heard it, and I've known Ian for ages. I also know he really loves (Y/n).

Someone tries pushing open the door I am leaning on. "What the—" Ian shoves me out of the way. "Shawn!" He storms past.

(Y/n) follows, black eye makeup running with her tears. She stops and looks at me, hurt filling her eyes. "I'm so sorry Shawn..." She knows. My heart sinks.

"Wait, Ian!" She runs down the corridor, after him. "I love you!"

I watch them talk for a while until he pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

I feel a single tear slip down my cheek. Why is life so fucking messed up?


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