A Home Visit. Part 34

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14th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Going back home for a visit was not something I had envisioned me doing at all. So it was very interesting going back to a place I was born in and grew up spending most of my life at only to leave and not come back for a few years.

It was sort of sad and funny at the same time. That's because I live twenty minutes outside of Horseshoe Bend up in the hills and Emmett wasn't that far away from us either. I just didn't go back. I usually traveled down to Boise or it's surroundings when I needed to avoiding Emmett all together.

There were a few marked changes that I could see as we came closer and closer to town. One was that the town had increased in size as I saw that it had spread out a bit more over the past few years with estates popping up out of town every few miles.

Another one was the added trees along the fence line of the cemetery as we passed it coming into town from Black Canyon. There was someone I wanted to stop and see who resided there. But not today. Maybe later. Once I was ready that is.

I had been very curious ever since Reid and Jack had given me that little album about Ashur, my baby boy. I keep the little album right beside my bed on the bedside drawers so I can see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

When I get upset over something or feel tense about something or someone, I usually take myself off into my room just to sit there and look through that little album each time. I might shed a tear or two each time, but at least I smile now with each turn of the page.

I'm so very glad they came that day and brought this to me. I really am I was thinking as I leaned my head against the window of the car and looked out at the scenery as it passed us by.

With a glance in the rear view mirror, I could see that Bella was avidly looking out her own window to see what I suppose would be exciting things for her. She had mentioned not too long ago that she had never been to Horseshoe Bend or Emmett either despite the travelling that her family had done in the past.

Since she had a smile on her face, I reckon that she liked what she was seeing. At least so far anyway.

Ten minutes later after leaving home about an hour earlier, we were pulling up at Reid's place on the edge of town down near the river. The place looks like it had been given a face lift and not too long ago either.

" They're here, Gran." I heard a voice call out in a loud voice as the screen door was thrown open.

Then I saw a heavily pregnant Jen standing there at the top of the porch holding on to the top rail while smiling down at us with a huge grin on her face. A moment later, I saw my aunt push the door open behind her and slowly walk out through the door holding on to Andy's little hand.

I was just looking at the pretty picture she made as Reid came around and opened the door beside me which brought my attention to him and the hand he held out to me to take so that I would have his assistance getting out of his car.

A murmured word behind me and I could see that Jack was helping Bella out of the back of the car.

I didn't realize that I had automatically taken hold of Reid's hand and had him helping me out as well to stand by his side as he shut the door behind me.

I watched as Bella slowly and carefully went up the stairs with Jack close behind her just in case.

It took a moment for me to realize that Reid didn't wait for me to move across to the porch. He leaned down and after moving an arm under my knees and across my back, I felt him pick me up and balance me against his chest and steadily walk over to the steps and walk up them as if there was no weight to me.

I just wrapped my arms around his neck and hung on to him with a tight grip. Much like the one I had on him all those years ago when he carried me into the hospital that time when Jack went and got him to help me.

I looked around when he carried me through the doors that my aunt held open and into the cool interior of the house where he continued on walking down through the long hall until he set me down in the family room at the back of the house near some big windows on a comfortable couch among the setting which looked out to the view near them.

This was the room that looked out into the bush behind the house that held the path that Jack and I use to take each day we would go walkabout from either his place or mine.

The back of the house had been given the same treatment as the front and I could even tell that there had also been renovations done to the inside as well. But the back yard still looked the same as I remembered it.

" Gamma, Gamma, Gamma." I heard little Andy call out in an excited voice as his little feet came running down the hall getting louder and louder with each step he took coming closer to me.

" I guess he's excited to see us." I murmured to Reid as the little boy was just about to reach us.

"Excited to see you, not me." He said as he gave me a quick kiss before standing up as Andy came barreling through the door and threw himself at me.

Or that's what he tried to do in his excitement.

Reid reached down and caught the boy just before the little boys body was thrown onto me. But with Reid's catching him, it slowed him down and Reid gently sat the boy down on my lap where the boy squirmed around to wrap his arms around me, giving me a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"How you Gamma?" He asked in his little cute voice.

His talking now was beginning to get understandable now and we can discern the sentences that he makes when he talks to us. He was growing into a nice little person now and not a wobbly toddler.

" Grandma is doing very good, Andy. How are you?" I asked him as he looked up at me with a smile.

"Andy good. Mumma gunna bust soon Daddy says. Then I get another bruvva to play with." He went on to say to me with excitement letting me know that he was looking forward to meeting his baby brother who was due at any minute now.

"That's good. Has Mum and Dad picked out a name yet?" I asked him as I lay one of my arms around the boys little body so that he didn't fall off my lap.

" Daddy keeps calling him 'Pickle' and Mumma not like it. She smack Daddy when he did call him that." Andy's little voice was saying in a loud voice which had both of his parents laugh at him. Mostly his daddy of course.

" This isn't too bad of a place. I like the view. Where does that path go too?" Bella was saying as she came into the room, pushing her walker along in front of her before moving it across the room to stop near the window and look out.

" That path is the one that Sarah and I took going to her place or the river to go fishing or to here." Jack was saying to her as he walked over and gave Jen a brief kiss before reaching out to pluck his son from my lap and swing him up into his own arms where he began to tickle the little boy who obviously loved having his father do that with him.

" There wasn't one day that they didn't bring back any fish for us to cook for dinner. They were still fishing each afternoon after coming back from school before settling down to do their homework." My aunt Patrice was saying with an indulgent smile as she looked around at us all.

I have to say that Mrs Beemer, as I always remembered her being called by everyone, was looking much younger since finding out that Jack's mother was her long lost daughter Simone. Finding out that Jack was her grandson and Andy her great grandson was also giving her life more of a lift I noticed since seeing them all again.

I would imagine that there would be other changes to see as well. But I was very glad that my aunt found closure with her daughter and a new lease on life with having a grandson and family to look after. But I think it would be them that would be looking after her from now on though.

She deserved it, my aunty Pat.

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