Chapter Twenty One

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The walk to the south side of the lake was only supposed to be 10 minutes but Violet and I stopped in every little store we passed, which made no sense as most of the shops had the same things in them, snacks, drinks, alcohol, souvenirs and clothes so ugly they almost looked cute.

"There's another store coming up, somebody stop them!!" Amelia shouted half-jokingly, but it seems Nate and William didn't take it as a joke because as Violet and I quickened our pace, Nate picked up Violet and William picked me, as they both held us the same way - over their shoulders, much like Shrek did to Princess Fiona when they first met.

William was my Shrek. Now that's a love story I would read.

"Put me down, I can walk for myself" Violet huffed, "Only if you promise not to go into the store, this 10-minute walk has already turned into a 20-minute walk and it's too cold to be standing about doing nothing" Nate scolded her like she was a five-year-old.

"Listen, buddy, no one said you couldn't join us in the shop." She spat as he put her down.

"Arent you gonna demand I put you down?" William asked, and I felt him squeeze my thighs tighter.

"No, actually, my legs were getting tired, plus the view of your ass from up here is 10/10" I giggled slightly, feeling him laugh.

"I've not got much to complain about either, I quite like being able to have my hands on your ass with you slapping them away" I could tell he was smirking from the tone he was using.

"Although I would prefer if you gave me a piggyback ride, so I can see the world when it's not upside down" I sighed, jokingly of course.

"Maybe on the way back, Princess, but we're here so do I have permission to put you down?" He chuckled before going to drop me, luckily I manage to grip my arms around his neck while screaming his name.

"Don't do that you fucking asswipe!" I hissed, stepping onto the ground, much like the first time he did this to me a couple months ago in PE.

"Asswipe? Really? Is that all you could come up with?" He was doubled over laughing now, making Nathaniel and Hunter walk up to us, wanting to know what was so funny.

By the time William had calmed down enough to tell the twins why he was laughing, I was already a good two meters away from them, taking my sweats and t-shirt off, while Nate, Amelia and Violet all slowly tried to get into the water but kept complaining that it was too cold.

I stepped into the water, only having it reach the top of my ankles, and already felt the cold run through my veins, hitting me like a brick and pulling my breath from my mouth. "Oh my fucking GOD" I screeched, turning around to run back out, but before I could even make it two steps, my body bumped into another and if it weren't for them gripping my waist, I would've fallen back. I looked up to meet the deep hazel eyes I have grown so familiar with these past few days.

I could already see the look of mischief on his face, then I realised what he was going to do. "Oh no, please, William, don't" I begged as I felt him lift me off the ground slightly.

"You know last night when you cheated when we were playing twister? Well, you didn't think I was gonna let you get away that easily did you?" He smirked at me, bringing me closer to whisper it, letting his lips graze against my ear.

He knows what he was doing to me, and maybe if I play up to it, he'll forget about throwing me into the freezing water.

"Babe" I whispered, seductively as possible, pushing my lips against the part of his jaw nearest his ear, and wrapping my arms loosely around his neck. "I could always make it up to you" I barely even whisper, but I'm fully aware he can hear as he now lifts me up further and allows me to wrap my legs around his waist.

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