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Your P.O.V
I watched him as he turned around again walking down the stairway,before I decided to follow him down I needed to find my cross bow and some of my clothes.

I heard a distant call from Daryl again he was shouting for someone,Merle?

"Merle?Are you here?!"he shouted again,sounding defeated.

I wondered down to a locked door at the end of hallway to find it was locked,I barged it down noticing the doors weren't that sturdy and fell right through.

I scrambled to my feet soon finding that my cross bow was hanging from a rail,but was left disappointed to find my clothes torn to pieces.

Just my luck!

I grabbed my cross bow and swung it onto my back before going to find Daryl .Although we've only just met I felt as though I had more chance of surviving if I was with him.

I wonder who Merle was?

"Daryl?"I called out to him,he was quiet now and I could only hear the sound of shuffling feet.

"In here"he called and I wondered down to where I head him.

"So how did you end up here then?"he asked as I walked in.

"I was in the woods,out of no wear I get jumped and I end up here.God knows how long I've been here"I spoke noticing he had a cross bow as well hanging on his back.

"What about you?"I asked as he went to walk out.

"I'm tryna find my brother,Merle.Have you seen him?He's got one arm and he looks a bit like me"he spoke facing me so I would take in his features to help him find his brother.

"No I haven't seen him,the first people I saw was them and before them I haven't seen anyone in almost a year.But I could help you find him?"I offered and he looked a bit taken back.

"Uhh..Sure,what's your name?"he asked.

"(Y/N),(Y/N) (L/N)"I smiled at him and he started walking off again.

"So,is it just you and your brother?"I asked him as we walked out of the damn building.

He obviously wasn't there.

"No,I have a group but they don't get on with my brother so I had to come and find him after I was told he was hand cuffed to a building"he explained.


"What about you,do you have a group or somthin'?".

"Me and my family we got separated a few weeks into the outbreak.I was too busy complaining about feeling sick when we was attacked by maybe 15 walkers?Instead of helping them get out I ran,I went back a few hours later to find blood all over the floor.That was the last I ever saw of them,after that I was on my own"I breathed out,everyday was a constant reminder that I was the reason for them not being here right now.

"In this world at this time you have to remind yourself that it's not your fault,yeah you ran but who wouldn't have?"he spoke as we walked out into the opening of the woods.

I suppose he was right but I still couldn't shake it from my head that I could have saved them.

We carried on walking for a few hours and made small talk until he decided it was time to go back to his camp.

I stood there kind of awkward,I didn't know what to do.Follow him?Ask him if I could come?

"Well come on then"he spoke as he turned back to me half way up a hill.

I started catching up to him when he said he needed to ask me 3 questions before I was aloud to join the group.

"How many walkers have you killed?"he asked first.

"A lot,maybe a few 100?"I spoke hoping my answer was good enough.

"How many people have you killed?".

"None"I spoke,telling the truth.

He seemed to approve of my answers and we carried on walking."What about the third question?"I asked.

"You said you haven't killed anyone,if you said you did I'd have to ask you why on the last question"he roughly spoke trudging up the hill.

We soon reached a camp,I awkwardly stood behind Daryl as we walked in and everyone welcomed him back.

"Whose this?"a older women spoke and I noticed she was looking at me.

"Y/N,I found her in a building a few hours ago."

"Well hello,I'm Carol you must be freezing!Would you like some clothes?"she spoke and I smiled softly and nodded my head I was freezing although Daryls jacket was pretty warm.

"Did you ask her the questions?"a man spoke speaking to Daryl he had a stubble and he looked like he was in his mid 30's.

Daryl nodded and the guy introduced me to the rest of the group,"I'm Rick nice to meet you this is T-Dog,Lorri,Carl,Andrea,Sophia,Amy,Dale,Glenn and Shane"he spoke pointing to people around the fire.

Carol came back a few minutes later with a change of clothes and I thanked her.She said I could get changed in her tent and I thanked her again as she showed me the way.

I got changed quickly and put my cross bow back onto my back before stepping out,the clothes fit almost perfectly they were a big baggy in some places but would do fine.

"You must be hungry,here Daryl's kept a supply of squirrel and to be honest it's pretty good"Carol smiled to me.

"Oh,I've had it many times I hunt them myself"I smiled to her and then saw Daryl skinning the squirrels.

"So are you a hunter or something?"Carol asked as we sat down.

"Not really,I used to do it in my free time but since the world ended I've been hunting a lot".

About 20 minutes later we were all eating,I was beyond grateful and kept thanking everyone because I was so nervous.

Everyone seemed welcoming and I could tell I was going to get along with everyone apart from Shane who seemed to already hate me.

Soon enough everyone was asleep apart from me,Carol and Daryl.Carol said I could stay in her tent with her and Sophia and I happily agreed but said I wanted to stay up a little longer.

Once Carol went to bed I then remembered I had Daryl's jacket still.

I noticed him sitting by the fire and went and sat down opposite him.

"Thank you"I smiled handing him his jacket back.

"S'alright"he grumbled and I smiled st him asking if he was going bed.

"No,I'm keeping watch tonight"he simply spoke poking the fire with a stick.

"Oh,if you want to have a break halfway through or something just wake me up I can take the rest of it".

"No s'alright".

I said goodnight to him before going into Carols tent and staying awake for a few minutes not sure if I should of stayed up with Daryl before just falling asleep.

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