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Chapter I: The Week of March 17, 2011

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I remember this week like it was yesterday. I was just a normal eleven year old in fifth grade. Mr. Sibert was my teacher at the time. It started that Monday, March 14, I really started showing signs, I had shown some for a couple of days before but nothing serious. It was terrible, a constant thirst, urinating every five to ten minutes, my face was sunk in, I just felt terrible and down. My mom already had the disease and had been dealing with it for a year or two and knew what was going on. She kept a constant eye on me watching everything I did making sure I was ok, something every mother does when one of her children are down.

Anyways back to that Monday it started off like any other with the terrible Monday morning feeling and having to get out of bed but this time it was different. I didn't feel like myself but yet I did, it was all confusing but I didn't think anything of it because I was only eleven and wanted to get the day over with.

After getting ready that morning we got to school my mom dropped my brothers and I off then went to work, I'm guessing that's when she first noticed the signs, but started off with math first then went on to reading and eventually the others. It was a slow day but was just like any other in our little class. This time in my life I had gained a lot of weight and didn't notice it like most young kids. I was around 120 lbs and wasn't getting any smaller. Well that night after school was still just a normal night and still i hadn't thought anything about it. We all ate dinner and I went to playing my Xbox that I had at the time, I was going through the Video game stage, constantly playing anything I could shoot, drive, or run around in. At the time I was playing Halo and was waiting on Mw3 to come out like everyone else. After playing a majority of the night I ended up falling asleep but was awakened to having to go to the bathroom so I jumped up and went. When I was done I noticed I was thirsty so I drank a lot because the thirst was unreal, I ended up falling back asleep quickly but got up again about an hour later for the same thing and still knowing me didn't think anything about it so just got up and repeated myself. I ended up awakening, using the restroom and falling back asleep about four or five times that night.

The next morning, March 15, I was exhausted and didn't want to go to school but ended up going anyways, my mom constantly pushed me to do stuff and not just give up, but I got up, ate breakfast, and ran to the car to leave. On the way to school my mom ended up asking if it was me that kept getting up the night before and why I was. I told her why and she just looked at me and kept on driving. Tuesday and Wednesday ended up being just like Monday but I was excited to get over with waiting for Thursday, it was grandparent's day and mine were coming down to eat with me that morning.

Wednesday night ended up being the same as Monday and Tuesday's but I was wanting to go to school and see my grandparents when I awoke that morning. It was now the day, March 17, a Thursday that I thought I was prepared for and ready to go at. I got to school that morning around 7:45 and went straight to class. After the pledge and morning announcements Mr. Sibert asked all of us who had grandparents coming to eat with them, of course being me, I shouted out I do while half of my classmates shouted saying they did too and we were all excited to get out of class to go see them.

10:00 A.M. came around fast and he let us out to go eat with them but as I got to them they both noticed how sunk in my face was and how pale I was looking, my grandmother was worried and asked me if I felt well, I told her I did and we went to go get our plate full of food but as we were in lines she got a call from my mom, she was crying and asked to talk to me, so she handed me the phone. The first words out of her were, "I love you and I need you to eat very little I'm on my way to get you." I simply said, "yes ma'am" and ended up eating nothing. My mom was there in a flash it felt like, I had to go back to class to grab my backpack and books before she got there, I went straight to Mr. Sibert and straight up said, "I'm checking out and have to go to the doctor." At this time I still didn't know what was wrong but remember walking up to my mom crying and my grandparents looking worried.

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