New Years Kiss - Jey Uso (For Me!)

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A/N: This one is for me! :D haha

 I smiled at my best friend, Naomi as I walked towards her. When I approached her, I noticed the two men beside her, Naomi's fiance, Jimmy, and his brother, Jey. Jey, who happened to be my best friend, greeted me first. I smiled up at him as he pulled me into a hug. When I slipped away and brought my attention to Jimmy, who I planned to greet next, Jey leaned down to kiss me. I became confused and without thinking, I ducked and gave him a confused look. Wondering what to do, I just turned to Jimmy, trying to put on a smile.

 "H-he-hey Ji-Jimmy." I stuttered, sneaking a look at Jey again. Jey looked confused and hurt. As I hugged Jimmy, I whispered in his ear, "W-why did Jey j-just-"

 Jimmy softly cut me off, giving me a smile, "You kissed him at midnight at the party last night. You don't remember?" I gave him wide eyes before sneaking a look at Jey again. He wore a forced smile as he waved at me. I turned back to Jimmy with a shocked expression.

 I walked over to Naomi, planning to greet her next. As I hugged her, I looked behind her and noticed a window of opportunity. "Let's go for a walk, shall we?" I said quickly with a fake smile.

 I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the boys, leaving Jey with a confused smile, and Jimmy with a glare.

 "What are you doing? You have to face your problems!" I heard Naomi say protestingly to me as I pulled her towards a different hallway. When we finally stopped, she gave me a glare, "You need to talk to him! Don't run from him!"

 "I panicked!" I said after a moment, looking around and thinking.

 "I'll be back. Entertain yourself or something while I'm gone, but stay here." She said with a serious face as she looked around.

 When she returned, she wasn't alone, she had her fiance, Jimmy with her. I sighed, knowing what was coming.

 "We need to talk to you." Jimmy said with a sympathetic smile.

 I rolled my eyes and sighed again. Naomi ignored my reaction and just grabbed my arm lightly. She pulled me towards and room and opened the door. I followed her inside, but the lights were off.

 "Now, let's talk." Naomi said, leaving Jimmy outside.

 "Okay, but turn on the ligh-" Just as I was about to finish my sentence, Naomi left and shut the door. "Is this punishment? Why are you leaving me in here all alone?" I tried to door knob, but it was locked.

 "You're not alone." I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. It was Jey.

 I turned around quickly, taking a gasp in from shock. I put my hand over my heart, recovering from the scare.

 "I'm sorry for scaring you." He said, coming closer. He reached over me and flipped the light switch.

 I looked back at the little window in the door; I could see Jimmy and Naomi, watching intently with big smiles. They both waved and I returned a glare to each of them.

 Jey gave them a sarcastic smile before pulling a shade down over the window. I heard them curse as their vision of us was obstructed.

 "We need to talk about the party last night." Jey started slowly, making my heart pound. I didn't want to be in this situation.

 "There's nothing to talk about. I don't remember it at all." I said quickly, looking back at the door.

 He touched my arm lightly to get my attention before speaking again. We were so close it made my heart pound.

 "I took a risk and kissed you at midnight. You're telling me you don't remember that?" He said softly, feeling a little hurt.

 I shook my head slightly, giving him a face full of sympathy. Our eyes met in silence for a moment.

 "Do you want me to refresh your memory?" He said, inching closer to my face. I felt tingles along my spine as I looked up at him with wide eyes. I hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time and I wasn't sure how this was going to go. Needless to say, I was nervous.

 As he leaned in and his lips got closer to mine, I said, "Jey, I don't know-" He cut me off with a kiss that only lasted a second. He pulled back and looked at me with a puzzled face, his brown eyes sparkling.

 "What's wrong?" He asked quietly. He rested a hand on my arm.

 "I don't want this to ruin our friendship." I said slowly, looking at the ground.

 "Well, what if I said I didn't want to be friends anymore." He said seriously, making me look at him with hurt in my eyes. He quickly explained himself, "I'm crazy about you and I want to be more than friends. Let's just try it and see what happens." He said with a small smile, causing me to do the same.

 I nodded, "Okay."

 "Now, let's pretend it's New Years so we can do this again." He said, the serious Jey being replaced with the normal, goofy one. He grabbed me and dipped me back before giving me a huge kiss. He brought me back to my feet and said, "Happy New Year, girlfriend."

 "Awwww!" We heard Naomi and Jimmy say from the door.

 We both laughed and walked to the door hand in hand. He opened it slowly, waiting for his brother and soon-to-be sister in law's reactions. They beamed and smiled at us before high fiving each other.