New Years Kiss - Jey Uso (For Me!)

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A/N: This one is for me! :D haha

 I smiled at my best friend, Naomi as I walked towards her. When I approached her, I noticed the two men beside her, Naomi's fiance, Jimmy, and his brother, Jey. Jey, who happened to be my best friend, greeted me first. I smiled up at him as he pulled me into a hug. When I slipped away and brought my attention to Jimmy, who I planned to greet next, Jey leaned down to kiss me. I became confused and without thinking, I ducked and gave him a confused look. Wondering what to do, I just turned to Jimmy, trying to put on a smile.

 "H-he-hey Ji-Jimmy." I stuttered, sneaking a look at Jey again. Jey looked confused and hurt. As I hugged Jimmy, I whispered in his ear, "W-why did Jey j-just-"

 Jimmy softly cut me off, giving me a smile, "You kissed him at midnight at the party last night. You don't remember?" I gave him wide eyes before sneaking a look at Jey again. He wore a forced smile as he waved at me. I turned back to Jimmy with a shocked expression.

 I walked over to Naomi, planning to greet her next. As I hugged her, I looked behind her and noticed a window of opportunity. "Let's go for a walk, shall we?" I said quickly with a fake smile.

 I looked over my shoulder and smiled at the boys, leaving Jey with a confused smile, and Jimmy with a glare.

 "What are you doing? You have to face your problems!" I heard Naomi say protestingly to me as I pulled her towards a different hallway. When we finally stopped, she gave me a glare, "You need to talk to him! Don't run from him!"

 "I panicked!" I said after a moment, looking around and thinking.

 "I'll be back. Entertain yourself or something while I'm gone, but stay here." She said with a serious face as she looked around.

 When she returned, she wasn't alone, she had her fiance, Jimmy with her. I sighed, knowing what was coming.

 "We need to talk to you." Jimmy said with a sympathetic smile.

 I rolled my eyes and sighed again. Naomi ignored my reaction and just grabbed my arm lightly. She pulled me towards and room and opened the door. I followed her inside, but the lights were off.

 "Now, let's talk." Naomi said, leaving Jimmy outside.

 "Okay, but turn on the ligh-" Just as I was about to finish my sentence, Naomi left and shut the door. "Is this punishment? Why are you leaving me in here all alone?" I tried to door knob, but it was locked.

 "You're not alone." I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. It was Jey.

 I turned around quickly, taking a gasp in from shock. I put my hand over my heart, recovering from the scare.

 "I'm sorry for scaring you." He said, coming closer. He reached over me and flipped the light switch.

 I looked back at the little window in the door; I could see Jimmy and Naomi, watching intently with big smiles. They both waved and I returned a glare to each of them.

 Jey gave them a sarcastic smile before pulling a shade down over the window. I heard them curse as their vision of us was obstructed.

 "We need to talk about the party last night." Jey started slowly, making my heart pound. I didn't want to be in this situation.

 "There's nothing to talk about. I don't remember it at all." I said quickly, looking back at the door.

 He touched my arm lightly to get my attention before speaking again. We were so close it made my heart pound.

 "I took a risk and kissed you at midnight. You're telling me you don't remember that?" He said softly, feeling a little hurt.