Bar Brawls

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"Here ya go handsome

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"Here ya go handsome." Jade places the beer bottle in front of me on the bar top. "It's been a bit since I saw you, I assume things went well?"

I smile thinking about the past week, things have been incredibly great. "Yeah, things have been good."

She claps her hands, "Yay!" She leans forward and glances around, "Do the brothers know?"

"One down, three to go!"

"Really?" She asks surprised, "I guess it didn't go too bad than? Seeing as you're still living." She laughs at her own words.

"Yeah, it could've ended horribly but Vic was surprisingly welcoming after the initial shock wore off."

"Ohh Vic! How has he been? I haven't seen him in forever!"

"He moved out to the city, got himself a condo with his girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? No shit! That's a damn shame, I always had a thing for him."

This is news to me, "Really?"

"Oh yeah, he was way out of my league."

"No way." I find this hard to believe, Jade seems right up Vic's ally, more so than Melissa.

"I wasn't always this hot." She jokes then waves her hand, a way to dismiss the conversation. She places another beer bottle on the bar just as a hand clamps down on my shoulder, causing me to turn to my right. "My man." Vance greets me.

"Yo man!"

Vance has been bugging me all week about going out for a drink, and naturally I've blown him off to hang out with 'Nic.' He's blown me off for chicks before, so it's not like he can get mad about it, other than the fact that it's his sister I'm really with.  Obviously, Vance is still in dark. 

"The pussy snatcher let you out, I'm surprised."

I cringe at his terminology, leave it to him to be crude.

"She a freak, eh?" he nudges me, while grabbing for the bottle. I shake my head, the irony of this.

"Dude." I laugh.

"Ah c'mon." He razzes, "When do I get to meet this elusive chick?"

"I don't know man, we're just seeing how things go. She's pretty focused on school." I lie. 

"Whatever man." He takes a sip of his beer, "So since last night was rained out, we moved all the races to this upcoming Friday, you're in right?"

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