Chapter 17 - Come As You Are (Nirvana ; 1991)

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"Thank you for flying American Airlines. Your luggage will be available in the baggage claim, please have a safe and wonderful day."

Brendon and I stepped off of the plane and headed toward the baggage claim side by side, Brendon nearly leaning against me as we walked. He had slept the entire flight from San Francisco because flying makes him nervous. He looked adorable with his sleepy, messy hair and his tired, droopy eyes, and I couldn't help but to smile at him.

After we picked up our luggage, we headed toward the entrance where I was expecting to be greeted by my mother. When we exited the building, I barely had time to look around before I was barreled into and immediately restrained by a pair of arms I knew all too well.

"Oh, honey," she said softly into my shirt, "I'm so glad you're home! I'd started to think you had forgotten about your little old mother."

I laughed gently and rolled my eyes before hugging her back. "H-Hi, Mom."

Mom pulled away and assessed my outfit and did her usual "Mom" thing, ruffling my hair and straightening my jacket as best as she could. "You look good, honey. You look a lot better than the last time you came home; you're actually wearing some of the clothes your father and I bought for you."

I nodded softly and my eyes drifted to Brendon who was standing shyly off to the side. I took his hand in mine and tugged him over to me before slipping an arm around his waist. "M-Mom," I said fondly, "this is my boyfriend, Brendon. Brendon, Danielle; my mom."

Brendon smiled softly at her and reached out a hand for her to take but my mom surprised him by pulling him into a tight embrace. "The only person who does handshakes in this family is George," Mom said with a soft laugh. "It's so nice to meet you Brendon. We heard a bit about you from Spencer; he regularly checks in with us because Ryan apparently doesn't know how to work a telephone."

I rolled my eyes as Brendon laughed softly at my mom's joke before speaking. "It's nice to finally meet you as well," he said, voice full of respect. "Ryan told me about a portrait he made of you a while back and he described how you looked, but descriptions do you no justice. You're a very beautiful woman, Mrs. Ross."

My mom blushed a deep red and gently smacked Brendon's shoulder. "You flatter me, dear. Save the buttering up for Christmastime. And please," she emphasized, "call me Danielle."

We all laughed gently before heading out to the car that Mom had waiting for us. It was my dad's car, and I smiled at the memory of this being the car he taught me how to drive in. Mom tossed em the keys and I smiled before putting mine and Brendon's luggage into the trunk and the climbing in the driver's seat. Brendon sat in the backseat behind me and Mom sat in the front seat and, as soon as all seat belts were on, we left the airport and I headed toward our house.

"So, Brendon," my mom started, "how did you and Ryan meet?"

I looked through the rear view, seeing Brendon smile before speaking. "Well," he began, "I'm in college pursuing a music degree, but my parents didn't necessarily agree with it. So I have to pay some out of pocket and the Arts college told me if I modeled for a class, they'd pay the rest of my tuition. The class just happened to be Ryan's."

My mom smiled over at me before turning back to him. "He's very talented, isn't he?"

I felt my cheeks flame up lightly, watching Brendon nod enthusiastically. "Oh, most definitely," he said in awe. "I was amazed when I saw his first sketch of me. I also cried at one of them, as well."

Mom laughed gently and placed a hand on my arm gently. "Don't worry, honey," she said through her laughs, "you're not the only one."

Mom continued to ask him small questions the entire drive home. I could tell she was warming up to him rather fast, which didn't surprise me in the slightest; it's not hard to warm up to Brendon. When we got home, I noticed my father's other vehicle was in the driveway and I smiled to myself, excited to get to see him right away.

I parked the car and got out, grabbing mined and Brendon's luggage from the trunk before heading up to the front door. I turned back to see Brendon staring at the house and furrowed my brows. "Bren," I called softly, causing his eyes to fall on me. "You coming?"

He nodded softly, walking over to me. "Your house is huge," he muttered softly. "It's, like, three times the size of my parents' house."

I laughed gently and took him by the arm as we headed into the house. As soon as we were inside, my mom called to my dad that we were home to which I heard a soft "Be right there!"

My mom led us into the den and I sat our luggage next to the sofa, turning back to the doorway as soon as I heard footsteps. I smiled as I saw my dad enter the room with his arms outstretched toward me. I barreled into him, hugging him tightly as the both of us patted each other's backs gently. He had definitely aged since I'd last seen him; his hair was graying slightly and he had started wearing his glasses more freely now. He definitely looked to be in his late forties now.

"It's good to see you, son," Dad said as we pulled away, patting each other's backs once more. "And who's this young man you've brought, hm?"

I turned to Brendon, outstretching my hand to him. He walked over and took my hand as I pulled him over. "Dad, this is my b-boyfriend, Brendon Urie," I said softly, smiling fondly at Brendon. "Brendon, this is my d-dad; George Ryan Ross the second."

Brendon outstretched his hand to my dad and, to all of our surprise, had his hand pushed away gently as my dad wrapped his arms around him in an affectionate hug. Brendon hugged him back hesitantly before they both released each other. "Very nice to meet you, son," my dad said softly.

Brendon smiled back widely before returning to my side. I wrapped an arm around his waist once again and pulled him close to me, pressing a soft kiss to his temple. I looked over to see my parents smiling fondly before my dad clapped his hands together.

"Well," he said animatedly, "your mother's been slaving over dinner all day just waiting for you two to get here. Let's get in there and devour it, yeah?"

We all nodded and began heading to the kitchen, but I was stopped abruptly by Brendon pulling me into him and pressing our lips together harshly. We kissed deeply for a few moments before we pulled away and just smiled at each other.

"W-What was that for," I questioned gently.

He smiled softly at me before speaking. "Thank you for bringing me here," he whispered gently, pecking my lips once more.

I smiled against his lips before pulling away and taking his hand in mine as we continued our walk to the dinning room.

"I wouldn't rather you be anywhere else than with me."

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