Chapter Twenty

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This is the first chapter I'm writing from scratch since deciding I'm gonna come back and finish this book, hopefully, you'll notice I'm getting better at writing and will enjoy the book more (:


"Wi-ugh' I moaned as William slipped his two fingers into me, moving them slowly at first, then speeding up slightly, hitting all the right spots, making me feel better than I ever have before.

"Do you like that, kitten" He stared into my eyes, watching me as I weakened with every move he made, I never wanted this to stop.

"D-don't stop" I whined as he slowed down, teasing me as I hadn't answered him.

"As you wish, baby girl" He picked me up and moved us to the bed, gently dropping me and taking off his jeans, leaving him in just his boxers, and holy shit he looked like a god.

He climbed onto the bed and got in between my legs, and pumping his fingers in and out once again, making me moan aloud.I couldn't get enough of him. I wanted him inside me all the time. His weight on top of me. I couldn't really believe it; I was letting this happen and I loved it doing this, I think I loved hi-

I took a deep breath and awoke from my terrifyingly sexual dream, sitting up almost immediately, trying to process what just happened.

"Oh, hello sunshine" William startled me, as I turned to face him, which made me lose more of the little breath I had in me, he was standing by the closet with only a towel hanging loosely around his waist, making his v-line visible to the eye.

I just gave him a small smile and forced my body, rather harshly, back onto the mattress.

"Did you have a bad dream? You woke up pretty suddenly" A look of genuine concern crossed his face for merely a second before he turned back around to pick out clothes for the day.

"Terrifying." is all I could muster out my mouth at this point.


"Hey, guys? this booklet says that there's a lake that we can go swimming in the south part of the lake, near where the activity centre is, you wanna go?" Amelia called out to us all as most of us were sitting in the living room discussing the best pizza we've ever had.

"It's like 40 degrees out there, are you crazy?" Cam answered.

"Well, I think it will be fun and wanna go," Violet says, taking the leaflet from Amelia's hand and looking at the same thing she was looking at.

"Yeah, I agree, we can just take towels and clothes down with us, so we can dry off and get dressed as soon as we come out" I backed the girls up, knowing it'll be better than sitting here doing nothing.

"Whats the point in being here if we aren't gonna do anything fun, this is our second day here and we've already done nothing, I can do that at home, but I can't swim in a lake when it's 40 degrees outside at home" Hunter whined, mainly at Cam as he was being so negative and shot down the idea so fast.

Right at that moment, William walked through from the kitchen and said: "It'll be better than sitting around here doing fuck all."

"So it's sorted then, us six will go?" Amelia asked, guessing that no one else wanted to come.

"I wanna go too" Hunter joined in, "And me," Nate said, walking in the room, god knows how he knew what the conversation was about, although knowing him, he probably didn't but just wanted to get involved anyway.

"What about Joe and you, Olivia?" Amelia asked as Joe wasn't in around here, and Olivia has been strangely quiet throughout the whole conversation.

"Well I know that I'm not gonna go, I'm having lady troubles and swimming in close to freezing, dirty lake water is definitely last on my things to do" She gave a breathy laugh.

"And I just spoke to Joe like 10 minutes ago, he says he's not well, something about feeling sick," Nate said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay then, us 7 it is. Let's get ready, meet back here in 10?" Violet said hearing a couple of agreements from Nate, William and I before we all left to go to our rooms and get what we needed.

I went to grab my pink bikini when I saw my black, kind of revealing bathing suit (kinda like the one Selena is wearing in the pic at the side), and decided I'd wear that instead.

I turned around to see William in his closet looking for the things he was going to take, as I knew both bathrooms in this place would be getting used, I took this as a chance to take off every piece of clothing I had on and get into my bathing suit.

"Damn baby, you really need to start warning me when you get naked, I don't know how many hard-ons its gonna take until you do something about it, but I'm getting sick of dealing with it by myself" He fake pouted, letting a large playful grin take over his features.

"Well, lucky for you, we'll be in water that's near enough freezing soon! So until then, tuck it in your waistband and stop complaining" I turned to face him after pulling my bathing suit onto my shoulders and putting on the pair of sweats I previously had on with a large which t-shirt that was laying on the floor.

"My t-shirt looks good on you, I can't wait until I get to see you in it after we have sex" He smirked.

Realising now that it was Williams t-shirt, I go to take it off but he stops me, saying that he wasn't kidding when he said it looks good on me.

"Thank you, and you'll be lucky if you get another kiss from me, never mind sex" I turned and smirked before walking away, hoping that my ass looks good as I do so, or as good as an ass can look in sweats.

I already had my bag packed with a towel, a hairbrush, because god knows I'll need it, a pair of leggings and a cute cropped light pink jumper.

As I walked into the living room, I saw Nathaniel, Hunter and Nate all sitting and ready to go, but I asked anyway "Are you guys ready?"

They all replied with yes, letting the room fill with silence as we were all on our phones.

"Uh, Darcy can I just put my stuff in your bag? I didn't bring my backpack with me" William said, giving me a small fright as he walked towards me with a rolled up towel, a pair of sweats that looked exactly like the ones he had on earlier, and a black t-shirt.

"Uhh fineeeee, but you gotta carry it" I joked, not expecting him to agree to it.

"You all ready?" Amelia asked, and saw us all nod our heads, so she continues "okay then, lets gooo" she dragged on her sentence until we were all outside, which made me almost regret this decision, it was freezing.

"Bye, guys!" I shouted to the remaining three in the house just before the door got shut on my face by William. "Let's go babe" he winked, grabbing my hand and pulling me along.


annnnddd that's the end of the first full chapter I've done since coming back, I hope it was long enough and I know there wasn't really anything interesting in it but it's just really a filler chapter

much love, Caitlin x

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