Chapter 29.

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Suman's POV.

"Sumo you are hopeless." Shravan laughed as I scrutinised a bunch of blackberry.

"No! I am doing it right." I insisted.

John had asked us to pick up the shinier and firm ones. However now it was almost the end of season for the fruit and it was difficult to identify.

Rather it was difficult for me! Shravan seemed a pro at identifying the right ones. His basket was almost full while I did not have mine even half full.

I picked at the bunch I was checking. "That is not a good one. Too ripe." John's amused voice reached my ears.

"Then why have they not been plucked already?" I huffed feeling embarrassed.

Shravan laughed again and I glared at him." You are the most hopeless farmer I have ever seen." He said laughing harder.

I pick up one fruit carefully from the over ripe bunch and throw at him "I am doing it first time you big bully!"

"So am I." He said and ruffled my hair. "You are lousy at it, accept it." Shravan said.

I opened my mouth to retort but ended my squinting up my eye shut as a cold drops hit my face. "Shravan!" I screamed realising he had squeezed some berries on my face.

The mean creature! He had distracted me with his talk and plucked the entire bunch of over ripe berries!

He chortled with laughter at my expression and I heard a click. I gasped and opened my eyes and stared at Shravan! Sure enough he had his phone in hand.

"Did you just click a photo of me?" I asked warningly, though I already knew the answer.

"You have just successfully modelled for then photo which is on the verge of going viral on facebook!"

"Shravan you did not!" I screeched horrified.

"I did too!" He said looking delighted. "You are going to beat my cucumber saga hands down!" He said shooting me a gleeful look.

I kept my basket down carefully and lunged at him not caring John was standing just beside us.

"You delete it right now." I said chasing Shravan who had already started sprinting away from me.

"I just made you famous." He grinned as he jogged backwards facing me.

His phone right then and his smile broadened as he glanced at the screen. "Pushkar!" He laughed as he answered it. "Wait, I will put the phone on speaker." He said.

"Hey pickle!" Pushkar's voice floated in the air.


"What is he blabbering?" I asked Shravan. He just shrugged as I eyed him suspiciously.

"Aww a pissed pickle." Pushkar chortled loudly.

"Pushkar! You just wait till I meet you! You will be minced pickle." I warned feeling confused.

"Bye pickle." He said sounding cheeky. Shravan laughed as he disconnected the phone. HE had stopped moving away and I managed to catch up with him.

I raised my eyebrow at him and he turned the screen towards me .There I was! My face scrunched up, nose wrinkled with dark liquid running down my face.

I moved forward peering at the screen and read the caption accompanying "Pickled Blackberry."

"Pickled blackberry!" I yelled. "Shravan Malhotra you are a dead man when I get my hands on you!"

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